Customer blasts food trucks after he spends $25 on Jamaican jerk chicken

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‘Food trucks are the next Airbnb’: Customer blasts food trucks after he spends $25 on Jamaican jerk chicken

‘Not to mention the 20 minute wait to order.’


Phil West


A food truck customer is feeding into the idea that “food trucks are the next Airbnb” after claiming to pay $25 on a Jamaican jerk chicken plate—and then being asked to tip on top of that.

The video comes from TikToker Jesse Martin (@jsmartinlive), stitching a video from a creator who complained about the price of food trucks in Austin, Texas, as covered in a previous Daily Dot story.

In this video, riffing off the idea of food trucks being overpriced for what they offer, Martin remarks, “See, I know I wasn’t the only one. Because I love going to day parties. And every time I go to a day party, I like to see the food trucks, I like to support local businesses. But every single time I go to try to get like the Jamaican food truck, get the jerk chicken with the rice and peas and the cabbage on the side—and every single time, it’s $25, never fails.”

@jsmartinlive #stitch with @NotYourBuddy2 Food trucks are like High end restaurants #foodtruck #foodtok #fyp #dayparty #jokes ♬ original sound – Jesse Martin

And not just that—he says, “It’s $25 and then they give you this little tablet and they spin it around, and I’m looking at the tablet and how it’s like, ‘Would you like to add 25 or 20 or 15 percent?’ What? I just paid $25!”

The creator then exclaims, “And it’s never just that! You might get a slice of pizza, the pizza food truck, when they make it in front of you and make it like Chipotle? And every single time, that be coming out to $28! I can’t take it!”

“Food trucks are the next air bnb,” one user commented under the video.

Several people agreed with that sentiment, including one who said, “Lol more like paying $60-$80 when we can sit in a decent restaurant.”

Someone else made the food truck and day party connection, reporting, “I went to a day party & they were charging $20 for 3 street tacos, the food truck up the street from me I get 3 for $6!”

“FR trying to make the income of a brick and mortar with 1/3 the overhead costs,” marveled another.

Martin responded to that comment, saying, “Literally like 3 employees.”

Another complained, “Not to mention the 20 minute wait to order plus another 15 minutes to actually get the food.”

Martin came back in to answer that one, too, saying, “Takes forever in the heat.”

One, looking for an antidote to the high prices, pledged, “I gave up. I’m going back to Applebees. Two for $20 is back.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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