Satellite radio provider SiriusXM pulls popular British music station and the fans are none too pleased.

Satellite radio provider SiriusXM  yesterday suddenly pulled BBC Radio 1 from its lineup and the station’s loyal fans are taking to Facebook and Twitter to broadcast their outrage.

SiriusXM writes that “BBC Radio 1 is no longer available on SiriusXM” and refers listeners to other stations for their music fix. The company does not say why they pulled the UK-based music station. BBC Radio 1 plays hit music from London.

Hundreds of fans have stormed SiriusXM’s Facebook wall, writing angry comments and demanding BBC Radio 1 back.

“Bring back Radio 1!!,” a fan demanded, with many comments echoing that sentiment. Another fan said Radio 1 is the “only reason why” she subscribed to the service.

Some fans are canceling their subscriptions. Chris Longhurst, a former subscriber, said the service is trying to prevent people from canceling by offering free subscriptions but that wasn’t enough.

“She pointedly didn’t understand that it was the ONLY channel I listened to, and that 12 months free XM that I wasn’t going to use was no good to me,” Longhurst wrote in response to a question from the Daily Dot posted in the “Get BBC Radio 1 Back on Sirius XM” Facebook group. The group has 150 members and is growing.

BBC Radio 1’s Facebook wall is also receiving blowback from angered America fans.

Over on Twitter, #getr1backonsiriusxm is gaining minor traction with fans also tweeting their outrage. Ian Bush tweeted, “Doesn’t SiriusXM want my $? Then why axe @BBCR1, top station in the lineup and a dose of pop variety?”

Another Twitter user exclaimed “It sucks you took the BBC Radio 1 off the radio with no warning; am canceling service once I’m off work today,” in a tweet directed toward SiriusXM. A search for “BBC Radio Sirius XM” shows similar outraged fans.

SiriusXM’s social media channels have been mum on the station’s disappearance and they have not returned our calls for comment.

Across the pond, however, some BBC Radio 1 disc jockeys and officials have been showing their support in what appears not even BBC Radio 1 knew this was going to happen.

Scott Mills, a popular weekday DJ, is retweeting US fans’ messages in a show of support. BBC Radio 1’s press relations Twitter account, @BBCRadio1PR said they are “looking into this and will come back to you asap.”

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