Facebook post leads to gunshots outside Georgia Waffle House


Be careful who you friend on Facebook.

One woman is in custody after getting miffed over a Facebook post, charging over to a nearby Waffle House, and opening fire on the offending Facebook user with a small handgun, the Associated Press reported.

No one was injured in the event, which took place at 5 am on Friday in Augusta, Georgia.

The Waffle House showdown began over a relationship status update, according to authorities. It’s yet another sign that, for some, Facebook ties carry potentially deadly real-world significance. In November of last year, Des Moines, Iowa resident Jen Harris didn’t take kindly to being defriended on Facebook. Harris summarily burned down the ex-Facebook friend’s garage. And in October, a man pled guilty to battery charges after beating his wife because she didn’t “like” his Facebook status.

It’s a lesson they’re going to have to start teaching in elementary school, soon: Be careful who your Facebook friends are.

Image via Steve Z

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