same sex marriage

Many users noticed the new icons on the marriage announcement between Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes and husband Sean Eldridge. 

When Anderson Cooper announces he’s married on Facebook, the icons will be ready for him.

On Sunday, Facebook revealed marriage icons highlighting two men and two women standing in unison, in addition to the heterosexual “cake toppers” already featured on the website.  The icons show up when someone creates a “Life Event” of his or her marriage on Timeline.

Users noticed the new icons on the marriage announcement between Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes and husband Sean Eldridge. Their wedding album quickly circulated on Facebook, with one picture of the happy couple garnering 1,500 shares.

The change was called “notable” by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. It’s one of the many new pro-LGBT features Facebook has unveiled. The social network also allows users to note if they’re in a “civil union” or a “domestic partnership.”

Now if we can get a marriage icon for my vodka bottle.

Photo of Chris Hughes and Sean Eldridge via Facebook

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