Expert issues warning on sudden change to Toyota trade-in value

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‘He wanted to trade in the truck for a 2024 GMC AT4X’: Expert issues warning on sudden change to Toyota trade-in value

‘The dealer can’t afford to buy or trade for something they can’t sell.’


Beau Paul


If you bought a Toyota Tundra in the last two years you probably know that your vehicle may be affected by the car giant’s recent massive recall.

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Unfortunately, things seem to be getting worse. At least, according to one of the experts.

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Tim Esterdahl, publisher of Pickup Truck+SUV Talk (@pickuptrucksuvtalk) took to the website’s TikTok account on June 11 to comment on the situation. His assessment that “Dealers are saying thanks, but no thanks,” has gone on to pick up over 776,700 views and counting.

“It’s gone from bad to worse,” Esterdahl tells his viewers at the beginning of the video, “for 2022, 2023 Toyota Tundra owners who are having problems trading the trucks. Even the 2024 TRD Pro has a problem.”

Based on his observations and correspondence, Esterdahl claims, “Dealers are saying no to the trade-ins.”

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He quotes an email from Jonathan Speaker, brand ambassador for Castle Automotive Group in McHenry, Ill. regarding a Tundra trade-in. “Unfortunately that is not something we are currently interested in taking on trade or purchasing” due to “two severe recalls that do not yet have a remedy,” he writes.

Why are dealers telling people no?

After quoting two other dealer refusals, Esterdahl asks, “Why are dealers telling these people no? Well, because they can’t sell them. It’s illegal for dealers to sell trucks that have open recalls,” he tells his viewers.

“They want to make sure that they have something to sell as soon as they trade it in. They can’t do that [with the Tundra] they just don’t want them. Owners want to get rid of them. Owners are stuck; they’re in a pickle,” he says.

“They don’t know if the truck is going to end up in a flatbed tomorrow. They don’t know if it’s going to end up in a flatbed next week. They can’t get rid of them. Lots of frustration happening,” he claims.

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According to a Feb. 21, 2024 press release by Toyota, “approximately 280,000 vehicles are involved in this recall,” including “certain 2022-2024 model year Toyota Tundra and Tundra Hybrid, 2023-2024 model year Sequoia and 2022-2024 model year Lexus LX 600 vehicles in the U.S.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Toyota via email for a statement.

@pickuptrucksuvtalk Things have gone from bad to worse for @toyotausa Tundra owners caught in the engine recall. Dealers are saying thanks, but no thanks. #trucktalk #toyotatundra ♬ original sound – pickuptrucksuvtalk
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According to Car and Driver, “The recall is only for the purely gas-powered models and does not affect the hybrid powertrains. Detritus in the engine can lead to a loss of power for the engine, according to documents filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).”

Esterdahl’s report brought out the ire of several of his viewers.

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Viewers weigh in

Shawngreer (@shawngreer209) wrote in the video’s comments section, “Toyota ruined the name of Tundra, Land Cruiser (real lc) and LX with this new engine. These vehicles were regarded as the most reliable vehicles ever.”

“See what happens when Toyota tries to make a modern engine… Toyotas are only reliable with ancient tech,” another commenter wrote.

Another viewer added, “The 5.7 has to come back as it was. that was the value in the tundra. with this new engine, it went from 1st to almost last in class.”

Per Car and Driver, “Toyota says it is currently working on a solution for the issue and that it will notify owners of affected vehicles by late July. All owners will be provided a repair at no cost under warranty, and owners can also check the NHTSA recalls website to see if their vehicle is affected.”

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The Daily Dot has reached out to Esterdahl via email and TikTok messenger for further comment.

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