Etsy today announced that sellers can now buy ad space to get their stuff noticed. 

Sellers who want to make sure their items are promoted on Etsy will soon be able to pay for play.

Etsy, the online crafting marketplace this afternoon announced that on Sept. 27 it will introduce paid search.

Today’s announcement comes in the wake of Etsy’s introduction last month that it was changing the way it delivered search results, a move it dubbed, “search relevancy.”

While that change resulted in “a wider variety of shops and items getting shoppers’ attention,” Etsy wrote, Etsy has “also heard from many shop owners asking for new ways to promote themselves. Now with Search Ads, sellers will be able to pay to appear in a highlighted section of search results pages when shoppers perform relevant searches.”

It all sounds positive, as Etsy announcement often do. And so far, Etsy sellers seem to be open to the idea, although reaction on Twitter and a discussion board that Etsy created to discuss the issue has been mixed.

Some pointed out that Etsy’s “surprise,” as they called it, wasn’t really that surprising.

“Sorry while I fall on the floor laughing – so when do we hear what the ‘surprise is’ lol,” somethingxtraspecial wrote.

Others said they would check it out or already had.

“interesting… will have to go look,” wrote blythehopesvintage  in a typical comment on the board.

“Where do you go to sign up for the ads?” asked DigitalCollageSheets.

 “I’m going to use the new #Etsy search ads to promote the Halloween items in my shop during October!” tweeted @BathroomFarmer.

Clearly some were disappointed by the move.

“So does this mean there’s no point in renewing, cause the paid ads will be the ones showing up on top first?” feralspassage asked.

“Meh. Not a fan of embedded advertising,” tweeted @DipperVintage.

“Oh nooooo Etsy, tell me you’re not doing Facebook-style ads :(” tweeted @abbichicken

Speaking of Facebook, some bemoaned the ad introduction coming on the same day that the social networking giant changed its site, much to the chagrin of many users.

“Too many changes today!” tweeted @jenzilla. “first facebook, now search ads in etsy… i’m too old for changes! my head is going to explode!”

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