Woman says Emirates rescinded job offer after she disclosed she had eat disorder when she was younger

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‘I wasn’t about to lie’: Candidate says Emirates Air rescinded job offer after she disclosed she had an eating disorder when she was younger

‘Is that even legal?!’


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A TikToker who applied to be a flight attendant for Emirates Airlines posted a video claiming that the company rescinded her job offer after she disclosed that she had an eating disorder in her youth.

The video, which was posted by @madisonkvetlana this week, has accumulated over 78,500 views. In it, she mentions that she went through the process of applying to Emirates, but was met with a “very detailed and intrusive” health questionnaire during her onboarding process.


Imagine being denied a job because you struggled with an eating disorder? Especially in a job that has NOTHING to do with it, or has any effect (especially since Im certifiably recovered and well from my past).

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She goes on to detail her previous struggles dealing with having an eating disorder and how it has empowered her to advocate for eating disorder awareness. “I wasn’t about to lie on this health document and say that I didn’t struggle with an eating disorder,” she adds.

After submitting the document, an email arrived saying that she didn’t meet the “precondition requirements” and they were no longer onboarding her. The TikToker believes that the only thing that changed was that she indicated that she had an eating disorder.

“I am disgusted that they are discriminating against me for struggling with an eating disorder that has nothing to do with completing the job of being a flight attendant,” she remarks in the video. “I don’t understand why they would even ask an intrusive question like that.”

The video quickly went viral, sparking a debate in the comment section.

“Is that even legal?!” one user asked.

“If you recovered from an ED forever ago why did you disclose it. It’s fr not their business,” a second commenter added.

“That’s why you don’t tell your future employers about your mental health struggles,” a third advised.

“Self-disclosure should be risk-free. I commend your honesty,” another wrote.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Emirates Airlines via their press email and to @madisonkvetlana via TikTok direct messages for comment.

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