woman explaining the audacity of men hitting on her while working for her husband.


‘I shouldn’t have to feel uncomfortable in our place of business’: Electrician leaves note for woman working in furniture store

‘I am consistently shocked at the nerve and audacity that some men have.’


Stacy Fernandez


In a viral video, a woman shared the inappropriate comments an electrician made to her while she was working. He even left her a hidden note.

In the video, realtor Maceo McCracken (@maceon.mccracken) explains that her husband recently opened a furniture store in Concord, North Carolina called BoxDrop that he runs solo or with help from his dad. McCracken sometimes goes into the store’s office section to get work done and lend a hand in case multiple customers show up.

She explains that that week the store was getting large ceiling fans installed in the showroom. When the electrician arrived to make an adjustment to one of the fans, McCracken’s husband and father-in-law were busy with customers in the showroom, so she handled the interaction with the electrician.

She started moving beds and couches out of the way so the man would be able to work. When she asked the man for some help moving one of the beds, he said, “I’d much rather take direction from you anyway.”

McCracken clocked that the comment was strange (and inappropriate) but brushed it off.

@maceon.mccracken I am consistently shocked at the nerve and audacity that some men have. #married #storytime #longervideos #husbandwife #theaudacity ♬ original sound – Maceon McCracken | Realtor

McCracken ended up going back to the office area to get work done on her computer, and the man went in to wash his hands since the bathroom was in the office.

When he came out of the bathroom, the man said:

“I just have to tell you that like you’re gorgeous. it broke my heart when they told me out there that you were married, but like, that doesn’t bother me, and if you ever want to hang out sometime, like, let me know,” the man told her.

He added that he left a note for her in the cushions of one of the couches they moved.

McCracken was so caught off guard that she didn’t say much back and laughed it off. She pointed out to viewers that she’s married to the guy who’s paying him.

Since the man was halfway through the electrical job, McCracken didn’t say anything about the comment, but when her husband was about to leave the store to handle some work McCracken told him the man was “weird” and hit on her.

She could see a reaction in her husband’s eyes but asked him to wait until the job was done to handle the situation. In the meantime, she asked that her father-in-law stick around so she wouldn’t be alone with the worker.

Once the man finished the job and left, McCracken went to the couch and “sure as sh*t there’s a note in there.”

McCracken shared a picture of the note, which reiterated what the man initially told McCracken.

“I was in so much shock because not only am I married, I’m married to the man who is paying you to do work in here,” McCracken said. She added that she normally wouldn’t give the situation the time of day but knew she’s be seeing the man around for the next few months since he’d be doing work on other businesses in the building.

“I shouldn’t have to feel uncomfortable in our place of business,” McCracken said.

The video has more than 1.7 million views and over 1,200 comments.

“I am consistently shocked at the nerve and audacity that some men have,” the caption read.

In a follow-up video, McCracken films her husband, who was “rightfully pissed off” and said the man needed to know it wasn’t an OK thing to do. When he confronted the electrician about the situation, the man told McCracken’s husband that he didn’t know that was his wife and said it was all a “misunderstanding.”

The Daily Dot reached out to McCracken for comment via email.

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