Woman showing a Vintage hotel and its condition deteriorating


‘I would get a refund and leave immediately’: Guest arrives at themed hotel. The website photos are 30 years old

‘This is why I scour reviews.’


Brooke Sjoberg


A TikTok account dedicated to sharing and highlighting theme hotels is showing some behind-the-scenes of what goes into filming at older hotels.

User @aprettycoolhoteltour is an account that gained notoriety on TikTok and Instagram by sharing unique themed hotel rooms. In a video showing a vintage-themed room centered on a pink Cadillac that has been turned into a bed frame, the poster shares some of the less attractive features of the room.

In an initial video showing some of the room’s issues, the poster shares that the photos of the room online must have been outdated, as they did not show nearly the extent of deterioration in the room.


It happens 🫣 Not all theme hotels are thriving, which is why we try to find the ones that are 🤓

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“You know how much we love finding these vintage theme rooms, and the ones with car beds are some of my favorites,” the poster says in a follow-up video. “But sad to say, despite the design here being so freaking cool, the room is definitely on its last leg.”

The poster notes that somehow the car appears to have been in a minor accident, with a leaking tub that has worn away at the pink coating to show the yellowed base underneath. The three videos of the room have drawn over 3 million views combined.

@aprettycoolhoteltour Replying to @Audra 🫣🫣🫣 #themehotel #interiordesign #hotelroom #vintagedesign #kitsch #uglydesign ♬ Jazz Bossa Nova – TOKYO Lonesome Blue

The TikToker also captioned a slideshow dedicated to the aging features of the room to acknowledge that not all themed hotels are in the best shape, and they are working to find and highlight the ones that are.

“I hate to say that this one is so neglected but it does make me twice as grateful to the owners out there who are taking care of their little time capsules of fun, fantasy-filled theme rooms so people can enjoy them,” they say.

The Daily Dot reached out to @aprettycoolhoteltour via Instagram direct message regarding the video. in the comments section, she clarified that the hotel was an Economy Inn and Suites in Texas.

Several viewers shared that they would not stay in a hotel room if they found it in that state.

“Oh no I would get a refund and leave immediately,” one commenter wrote.

“The lock being like that would make me leave immediately lol,” another echoed.

“I feel like there’s bed bugs,” one user said.

Others recommended checking reviews before booking to avoid being stuck with similar accommodations. The poster shared that she specifically did not read the reviews because she wanted to let the room surprise her.

“This is why I always scour the reviews anytime I book something or go to a new to me business,” one commenter wrote.

“Does no one check reviews before booking a hotel in an area you’re not familiar with?” another shared.

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