Dunkin' worker exposes customer who orders 14 swirls in her iced coffee

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‘Girl, like I’m going to go brew an entire batch’: Dunkin’ worker shares what she does when customer asks for ‘fresh’ coffee

‘It’s full of sugar.’


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A Dunkin’ worker shared what she thought was a bizarre, gross-tasting order from a regular customer who routinely requests 14 pumps of flavored, sugary syrup in her drink, along with cream and a caramel drizzle, leaving little room for actual coffee in the beverage.

Jennalee (@therealjennalee) clapped back in her video against commenters (which may be why she ultimately decided to turn the replies on this particular clip off) who say that she shouldn’t be so judgmental of people’s orders and just do her job.

The Dunkin’ employee decided to make the beverage for herself and see how it came out, recording her process while making it to show off just how much syrup was in the iced coffee cup and what she thought of the taste when all was said and done.

Jennalee begins her video by stating that the order she shows off on the screen makes her “chest hurt.” It’s a large iced original coffee with 7 pumps of Caramel Swirl and 7 pumps of Butter Pecan Swirl, resulting in a syrupy, sugary beverage the Dunkin’ employee couldn’t believe someone would actually order.

“All right y’all we got another crazy order, 14 swirls in a large iced coffee,” she says in the video before transitioning to her at work, preparing a drink on camera. “So she comes all the time and orders this, right? And I usually be like side-eyeing her because butter pecan is sweet as hell. But I’m about to show you guys what it looks like in the cup, with all the swirls that she wants.”

“Right? This is it,” she says, showing off the large cup that has about a third of it filled with syrup. “And I can only smell the butter pecan I can’t even smell the caramel because she got seven caramels, seven butter pecan. She doesn’t get any sugar, thank God, ’cause it’s full of sugar, so, she doesn’t get any sugar. I’m gonna make the drink ’cause I’m gonna actually try it for you guys.”

She loads the cup up with ice as she prepares to try the customer’s regular order on camera for her fellow TikTokers to see her reaction. “These orders been crazy for these past two days. But this is just swirls, this looks a mess. She does get cream, she gets cream, so look what’s left for coffee,” the TikToker states, pointing to about a third of the large iced coffee cup, indicating that the majority of her container is actually filled with syrup and cream, leaving little room for the actual coffee part of her iced coffee.

“She also gets whipped cream and caramel drizzle on top, and every time she orders her coffee she’s like, ‘Fresh coffee, please.’ Girl, like I’m gonna go brew a whole entire batch of iced coffee which takes like 6 minutes to brew, like 10 minutes to brew, just to make you a large iced coffee. You’re getting the coffee that’s already brewed that’s sitting here, OK?” she says as she mixes up the calorie-laden concoction she just crafted on camera.

“So we’re gonna put the whipped cream, this is what it looks like stirred up, I know this is giving like diabetes but, and she’s older too so like for her to get all of this…like, woo, Lord,” Jennalee adds

Jennalee dresses the top of the drink with whipped cream and caramel drizzle before finally resolving to try the coffee she prepared. “This is what it’s hitting for. It’s pretty, but seven caramel and seven butter pecan? That’s crazy,” she says. “At least she doesn’t add sugar in it.”

The TikToker then addresses commenters who called her out for criticizing customers’ orders.

“So I had somebody comment was like, ‘Oh, just do your job. Why are you complaining?’ I’m not complaining. I’m surprised at what people put in their drink and the amount of what they put in their drink, it’s never a complaint. I chose my job. So I’m not complaining, I’m just showing y’all other people’s drinks, that’s what I’ve always done on here. If y’all don’t like it, y’all don’t have to watch, but let’s try her drink.”

“Ugh,” she says, loudly disapproving of the flavor before the video cuts out.

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A 2023 study reported by Tufts Now has linked approximately 14 million cases of Type 2 diabetes globally to diets laden with poor carbohydrate content, which was supported by findings published by WebMD. The CDC also reports that more than 37 million Americans are diabetic, and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health stated that folks who “consume sugary drinks regularly…have a 26% greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Jennalee via TikTok comment for further information.

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