Dunkin' customer speaking in car holding coffee (l) Dunkin' Donuts building with sign (c) Dunkin' customer speaking in car holding single munchkin in bag (r)

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‘people used to do this all the time when i worked at dunkin it’s so smart’: Dunkin customer orders one Munchkin to get 64-cent iced coffee

‘I’ve been ordering the donut & giving the donut to my son.’


Jack Alban


A TikToker named Steph (@collegebudgetsteph) says she uses a deal on the Dunkin’ app to get a medium iced coffee for just 64 cents. The beverage typically costs $2.49, according to Fast Food Menu Prices.

@collegebudgetsteph Dunkin hack for really cheap ice coffee #dunkin #dunkinhack #freecoffee #freedunkin #coffee ♬ original sound – Steph

“You know how in the Dunkin’ app it’s a free medium iced coffee with like any purchase? This is my hack,” Steph says to start her video. “I literally just order one singular munchkin, and it comes out to like 64 cents for the ice coffee.”

She explains that she uses this hack when she “[doesn’t] want the Dunkin’ food because most time it’s just breakfast-y or sugary, and I’m not in the mood for that, and it’s like 3 p.m.”

Steph concludes the video by saying she ordered a medium iced coffee with almond milk and the new butter pecan syrup, which she rated a 9 out of 10.

In the comments section, one viewer shared their own Dunkin’ money-saving hack. “I get the hash browns for 1.29 and they’re so good too,” they wrote.

“I’ve been ordering the donut & giving the donut to my son. Win win !” a second said.

However, others said they couldn’t find an option on the app to buy a singular munchkin.

“How do you order just one I only see the 3 count munchkin,” one viewer asked.

It would seem that whether or not a customer can purchase a single munchkin varies by location. A contributor to the blog Beyond Broccoli stated that they were told they’d have to buy at least four. However, in 2016, an employee of 96.7 Radio Station, “The Eagle,” attempted to purchase a single munchkin from the drive-thru and was able to do so.

The Daily Dot contacted Dunkin’ and Steph via email for further comment.

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