Mother of bride dumps wine on guest’s dress after thinking it’s white. She made a huge mistake

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‘SEND AN INVOICE’: Mother of bride dumps wine on guest’s dress after thinking it’s white. She made a huge mistake

‘Why tell the couple your mom’s a psycho?’


Charlotte Colombo


According to experts, wearing white at a wedding is one of the worst things a person can do.

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Anthony Navarro, Creative Director of Liven It Up Events, told The Knot that it’s an “unsaid rule” that guests shouldn’t wear white at a wedding, while wedding planner Brandi Hamerstone, told Martha Stewart that white is “her color for the day. “

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“You don’t want to stand with the bride and look as though you were attempting to look bridal on someone else’s day,” she said. “Even if that wasn’t your intention, that’s what people (and possibly the bride) will think, and who wants to be ‘that’ person?”

But as cardinal a sin as this is, does it really warrant giving someone a lap full of wine? Sylvia Gordon, a content creator on TikTok, went viral after sharing the mother of the bride’s reaction to her daughter’s outfit at the wedding.

‘A targeted hit’

Her daughter, she says, went as her boyfriend’s plus one at a wedding, where she didn’t know anybody.

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“At the wedding, the mother of the bride walks by her with a full glass of wine, dumps it down my daughter’s dress, and just keeps walking doesn’t say a word. It was obviously a targeted hit,” she said.

This, she added, led to her daughter crying, and to make her feel better, the boyfriend poured wine down his shirt.


Gen X, am I right?

♬ original sound – Sylvia Gordon | Medicare Mama®
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“Now this, my friend, is where our generation would have handled it differently,” she added. “Am I wrong? I’m not condoning violence, but I’m saying my generation would not have poured the drink down our own shirt. I’m very confused about this new generation.”

In the comments, many questioned whether there was more to the story and speculated that the daughter was wearing white. So, in a subsequent video. Sylvia showed a picture of the offending dress, which was a deep gold color.


It must be a case of mistaken identity BUT still not a proper way to handle a situation especially at a wedding!

♬ original sound – Sylvia Gordon | Medicare Mama®
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“They have never told the couple because the couple are nice, and they don’t want the couple to know,” she said. “Why tell the couple your mom’s psycho? If the mom’s psycho, the daughter probably already knows it. Why embarrass them?”

TikTokers also shared their own wedding dramas in the comments.

“The same thing happened to me but I was wearing sage green,” one recalled. “I matched her energy and poured my drink over her dress.”

While another said, “Someone wore a yellow dress to my wedding and several people brought it up to me later, saying she wore white. Why can people not tell the difference?”

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Sylvia didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via TikTok comment and Instagram direct message.

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