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‘I turned my phone all the way off and I started my stop watch’: Man warns drivers are now able to park by you and connect to your phone with ‘weirdo’ new tech

‘Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth hotspot, all that when out in public.’


Alexandra Samuels


The advent of artificial intelligence shows just how fast technology is evolving these days. But, now, one man claims that new “weirdo technology” allows drivers to listen into other motorists’ conversations. 

User @jacctrippa_ posted the video warning drivers about this high-end tech on June 11. As of Wednesday, his clip had amassed more than 448,300 views. 

“Y’all need to be careful [about] who you’re around,” the content creator warned. He said that someone tried to park next to him recently—presumably to listen into his conversations—and that his phone began glitching. 

“Some dude had parked next to me and the same thing that happened [also] happens when a police cruiser [goes] by you,” @jacctrippa_ said. “Everything had stopped working on my phone. That [expletive] happened like three or four times the other day.” 

@jacctrippa_ recorded his video from a car repair shop, where he said he was getting his truck worked on. He said that, although there were “100 spaces open,” a stranger decided to park right next to him. “I turned my phone all the way off and I started my stop watch,” @jacctrippa_ said. “What’d he do? He waited one minute and then he took the [expletive] off.”

@jacctrippa_ said that there’s an alleged “ear hustling app” that allows drivers to “listen to other drivers in the vehicle next to them.” While he didn’t know the name of the app, he implored his viewers to help him learn more about it. 

“If you send me the name of the app,” @jacctrippa_ said in a separate video, “I will send $500 to your CashApp. No questions asked.”


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What is this strange new tech? 

It’s not immediately clear what this so-called ear hustling app is. Still, @jacctrippa_ isn’t the only person to allege that there might be technology out there that allows others to snoop on nearby drivers’ conversations. 

In a January 2022 forum for Jeep drivers, one user said that they’re able to hear other people’s phone calls on the radio. 

“Several times this has happened. We can hear other unknown people talking on their phones in our jeep but they can’t hear you if you talk,” the poster said. “So it’s just listen only, but super clear signal.”

While it’s not clear how the Jeep driver was able to hear others’ conversations through the radio, there are apparently eavesdropping devices that can be installed in others’ cars. 

“Modern GSM car bugs come in small sizes and deliver excellent performance. As a result, they can blend into the car quite easily. It is practically impossible to spot them using your eyes alone,” read another 2023 post, which promoted this software. “No matter where you are located, you will be able to listen to the car owner casually chatting over the phone or with their passengers as clearly as if you were in the car yourself.”

This poster, in particular, promoted a GSM listening device that’s not sold in the U.S. 

“Modern GSM eavesdroppers are the most practical spy devices for car eavesdropping, as they allow you to listen in on someone regardless of your location,” the 2023 post read.

What precautions are viewers taking?

A number of drivers say they have safeguards in place to help protect against nosy people.

One man, for instance, said he turns off his phone’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when driving. “It’s a constant beacon,” he said. “Like your phone’s thumbprint. Use wired headphones.”

Another viewer advised something similar. “Turn off WiFi, Bluetooth hotspot, all that when out in public,” they warned.

Others, meanwhile, guessed that StingRays, which are invasive cell phone surveillance devices, played a role.

“StringRay Technology the pigs use it to disable cell phones,” one man said.

“called a stingray,” another echoed.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @jacctrippa_ via TikTok comment.

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