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‘I’m asking for one single ounce of ‘extra effort”: DoorDash customer slams drivers who don’t cross-check orders for drinks

'The amount of times I have to remind the restaurants about a drink...'


Stacy Fernandez


Posted on Jul 30, 2023

A frustrated DoorDash customer called out delivery drivers who don’t check for drinks when they pick up an order.

In a popular Reddit post, user u/nowhere_near_home explained that as a DoorDash customer, they are “infinitely empathetic to the bullsh*t that the drivers go through,” adding that they know people often give terrible directions and meager tips.

The Redditor said they go out of their way to make their Dasher’s life easier. They installed “big bright colorful spotlights” on the front of their house as a “bat signal” to delivery drivers. They also make sure to send the Dasher a picture of the front of the house and try to already be outside when the person arrives.

“I am literally doing everything I possibly can to make your life easy,” u/nowhere_near_home wrote.

Given the effort u/nowhere_near_home is putting in, they said they’re frustrated by delivery drivers who don’t put in the extra bit of time to make sure the order they’re picking up is complete.

While u/nowhere_near_home said they don’t expect the person to check if all of the food is in the bag, especially since delivery orders are often sealed, they should be aware if the drink a customer ordered is there or not.

The Redditor added that it’s not a time-consuming task to figure out since restaurants will either give you the drink separately or put it inside the bag, adding a distinct weight and feel to it.

“Come the f*ck on, you can’t give the printed receipt the 0.0000001 second glance it would take to notice the drink is not there?” they wrote.

The poster continued that sometimes the bag the driver picks up isn’t even big enough to fit a drink, which should clue them into the fact that the order is incomplete.

“Am I being unreasonable in asking for this split second glance? I’m going above and beyond, and I’m asking for one single ounce of ‘extra effort,'” u/nowhere_near_home said.

At the end of the post, the person asked if they were being unreasonable and whether they’d be justified in having the driver’s tip withdrawn and given a 1-star rating when a drink is missing from their order.

“The $2 credit received when the drink is missing is not worth the ruined meal and this is some basic ass sh*t,” the poster said.

The post, which was made on the Doordash subreddit, has more than 2,600 upvotes and over 520 comments as of Sunday morning.

“The amount of times I have to remind the restaurants about a drink… I always check the receipts now cuz no way am I gonna get in trouble for the restaurants fault,” the most popular comment read.

A commenter shared that in the delivery comments, they write, “Please don’t forget drinks,” and include the number of drinks in the order.

“It’s helped a lot, almost always get my drinks now,” the person shared.

A delivery driver chimed in to share that the DoorDash site highlights and tells drivers when an order has a drink and “even gives us a pop-up to double check.” The function is mostly accurate despite the fact that the AI confuses certain words.

“Even then we should double check the receipt if there is one. There really isn’t an excuse to have it happen as much as it does,” the Dasher wrote.

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*First Published: Jul 30, 2023, 9:25 am CDT