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‘That’s a catering order’: Delivery driver says DoorDash paid her $2.50 to pick up 83 pizzas

'I'd never do that. You're a queen.'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Mar 27, 2023

DoorDash has a mixed reputation on TikTok. While many enjoy being able to order food,nand some have claimed to make a fantastic amount of money delivering it—others haven’t been so lucky.

Across TikTok, DoorDash drivers have complained about low wages, poor tips, and large, cumbersome orders without commensurate pay.

Now, a user on TikTok has gone viral after sharing their story of DoorDash delivery gone awry.

In a video with over 327,000 views, TikTok user Twyla (@twylasworldd) recounts how she came to deliver 83 pizzas for just $7 from DoorDash.

“I picked up this order for $7, and I did it because it was only for 4 miles,” she says.

“I thought I was picking up a pizza or two, and I get there, and this is what they tell me I have to pick up,” she continues, showing stacks and stacks of pizza boxes in the local spot, which she does not name. The caption notes that it was 83 pizzas in total.

@twylasworldd @musclemaddie97 The time i accepted an order and thought i was getting a pizza or two, not 83! #doordash #pizzadelivery #deliverygirlstories #twylasworldd #fyp#viral ♬ Her Way (Sped Up) – PARTYNEXTDOOR

Twyla says the restaurant was surprised she was the only one there to pick up the order and assisted her in unloading her car to fit all of the boxes.

According to the receipt shown in the video, the total cost of the order was over $1,300.

When she eventually arrived at the delivery location, Twyla claims that the recipients did not help her “at all.”

“They just sat there and watched the whole entire time,” Twyla details.

By the end, Twyla made $2.50 from DoorDash in addition to a $50 tip from the customer, a revision from the customer’s earlier tip of $4.50.

We’ve reached out to DoorDash and Twyla via email for more information.

In the comments section, users claimed that this was not enough money for the number of pizzas Twyla had to deliver—both from the customer and DoorDash.

“The bigger issue is door dash offering $7 for a $1200 order,” wrote one user.

“You’re telling me a 1200$ order and you only got paid 50$ for all that?????” asked another. “Yeah goodnight i’d never do that. you’re a queen.”

“I would’ve had $1326 worth of free pizza, not taking that anywhere but home for $7,” claimed a third.

A few users shared similar stories.

“I had to deliver a $200 order to a business and dd paid me $5 and there was no tip,” recounted a commenter. “the guys didn’t even help me take it out of my car either.”

“Omg so glad you were tipped! I had one like to my local hospital and the $7 was real,” said a second. “I just knew they wasn’t going to do me like that.”

Several commenters suggested that Twyla ask DoorDash for an adjustment, as this order should have been considered a catering order rather than an individual delivery.

“Definitely reach out to customer service with that first photo and ask for a catering fair adjustment because that’s fucked,” stated a user.

“Call them for a fair adjustment,” echoed an additional TikToker. “That’s a catering order.”

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*First Published: Mar 27, 2023, 8:27 am CDT