New tenant says don’t got to Target or Rose for apartment shopping

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‘Forget Walmart, Ross, Marshall’s, and TJ max’: New tenant says don’t got to Target for apartment shopping—go here instead

‘Unless you just got it like that and you just want to spend extra money for fun’


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A woman recommends that new tenants avoid going to Target to shop for apartment supplies. Instead, she says they should start their search for household items at Dollar Tree.

TikTok user Bryah Davis (@bryahdavis) is a track athlete and fitness influencer. She posted a video on July 2 with this advice. “If you’re moving into your first apartment, you should not be going to Target to do any type of shopping for anything. The only place you should be going to shop for your new apartment is Dollar Tree and Family Dollar,” she says.

After you’ve found everything you can possibly find at those two stores, Davis says you can move on to the next step. “Then, you gravitate to Walmart—not Target, not any other expensive store,” she advises. “Unless you just got it like that and you just want to spend extra money for fun, you shouldn’t be trying to go there first to get all of your items.”

Davis says you can even get home decorations at Dollar Tree and Family Dollar. “I got to go back to the Dollar Store to find more decorations and more little things for my kitchen that I need,” she says. “So, I still go to Dollar Tree first before I go anywhere else because I know if I was to go straight to Walmart, it would be 10 times more expensive.”

She concludes, “Always go to Dollar Tree for your first apartment. Don’t get enthused about the idea of moving into a new apartment and just go straight to Walmart or straight to Target or anywhere else because you’re going to spend so much money.”

Why shouldn’t you go to Target for apartment shopping?

Her theory is that Target is a one-stop shop for the household, but many of these goods are available cheaper, elsewhere. So you’re stacking your tab needlessly by choosing Target’s convenience.

That said, Target did lower prices this summer on more than 5,000 items, and savvy shoppers can lower the margins with couponing on the app and price-matching hacks.

But as Yahoo Finance writes, “Dollar Tree is known for its goods available at extremely low prices,” said Natalie Warb, financial expert at CouponBirds. “Overall, we would recommend Dollar Tree over Target when exclusively comparing cost. With so many items available at just [$1.25], customers will find it hard to locate a better price elsewhere.”

With apartment prices on the rise, first-time renters can use all the advice they can get. Some people are even finding IKEA furniture is currently out of their price range. Apparently, even Dollar Tree is experiencing price increases in this economy.

The video has amassed more than 21,000 views as of Friday. In the comments, viewers expressed agreement with Davis’s advice and offered some of their own.

One viewer wrote, “Dollar tree for cleaning supplies and brooms/ cheap mops!! Also their dishes are so good!!”

Another viewer said, “Dollar tree, 5below, Ross, Burlington, Walmart. Facebook market place LOL and Amazon.”

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In a follow-up video, Davis agrees with the commenter. She says once you’re done with the dollar stores and Walmart, you should then turn to Ross, Marshall’s, and T.J. Maxx. After all of those stores, you can get any remaining items at Target.

The Daily Dot reached out to Davis via TikTok comment and direct message and to Target, Dollar Tree, and Walmart via email for comment.

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