Dominos worker says it's so hot at work it's a whole OSHA violation

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‘I recently quit dominos and it was 100+ in there every day’: Domino’s worker says it’s so hot at work it might be illegal. Is it?

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The old saying goes that if you can’t stand the heat you should get out of the kitchen. But what if you can’t leave the kitchen without getting fired? One Domino’s Pizza worker is saying that it’s so hot at her job that it feels like it might actually be a safety hazard.

TikToker and Domino’s employee bringmorerodents (@bringmorerodents) posted a video this Thursday saying that her store might be violating Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. In the video, which now has 2 million views, she lip-synchs to a sound clip of Spongebob Squarepants saying “Krusty Krab is unfair!!”


krusty krab is unfair!! And too hot!!

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The text overlay in the video reads, “Reminder that if it’s over 80 degrees inside your workplace that’s an OSHA violation.” She does not directly say what the temperature is at her store however.

The video has generated, at this point, 5,600-plus comments. Many commiserating with her situation — and some commenters, particularly those that work outside or in warehouses, implying that she has it better than many workers.

“I recently quit dominos and it was 100+ in there every day. almost daily heat stroke and I’m like the 8th to leave in the last couple months,” wrote user Pinecone (@pinekone).

“Omg it was 97 at my work the other week,” wrote another sympathizer.

“I work in a warehouse in TX!!” another commenter countered. Another added that she “Wish [sic] this applied in a mechanic shop.”

One commenter, user Emmie (@Skemmie) stated that bringmorerodents had her facts wrong.

“It’s not a violation actually, their “recommendation” is between 68-76, I think it’s only a violation in cali?” she wrote.

Indeed, according to OSHA’s website, in California an indoor temperature of 80°F triggers employer requirements “to provide training, water, shade, and planning.” However, OSHA does not maintain a national temperature standard and merely recommends a standard of between 68 and 76 degrees.

Instead, according to the Houston Chronicle, “The agency recognizes that a 75-degree Fahrenheit office might be comfortable for one employee, but intolerable for another.” Instead, “OSHA uses heat stress monitors to measure a work site’s temperature and humidity levels.” The Daily Dot has reached out to Domino’s via email for more information on their workplace temperature standards.

Bringmorerodents posted a follow-up video stating that she had now been made aware of the difference between the recommendation and a standard. “Sorry for spreading misinformation,” she told her viewers. “But you guys should complain more,” she added.

The Daily Dot has reached out to her via TikTok for further comment.

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