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‘Answer the f*cking door’: Domino’s delivery driver confronts customers after waiting outside for 15 minutes

‘Time is money for me. Man, you knew the pizza was coming.’


Alexandra Samuels


A Domino’s delivery driver went off on a customer who didn’t open the door to pick up their food and supposedly kept her outside waiting in a viral TikTok video. 

The clip—uploaded from the customer’s point of view— was shared by user Madeline (@madeline734) and showed viewers a snippet of the exchange. As of Monday morning, the TikTok received over 14,500 views. 

@madeline734 #customerservice ♬ original sound – Madeline

The video starts with the driver confronting Madeline and an unidentified man on their front porch. “Time is money for me. Man, you knew the pizza was coming. I just spoke to you,” the driver yells. “Answer the fucking door.” 

The worker then questions whether the duo planned on calling the police on her, prompting the man to explain why she was upset in the first place: the driver had apparently waited outside for 15 minutes before the customers came to retrieve their food. 

From the man’s point of view, the driver was in the wrong. “She’s mad because she’s been outside for 15 minutes with my food,” he says. He also implies that the driver didn’t call him to let him know she was outside. 

But the driver had a different perspective. “I called you to ask for your soda,” she responds. “I said I’ll be there in two minutes … knocking on your door—you don’t answer.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Madeline via TikTok comment. As of publication, it was unclear how the rest of the interaction went and whether there was resolve between the driver and the customers. 

Viewers, however, overwhelmingly took the driver’s side. Many questioned why the duo made her wait outside for so long and didn’t answer the door after she knocked. 

“She was knocking for 15 minutes after she told you she’d be there in 2!” wrote one user. “Answer the door, dude!!”

“Making her wait 15 minutes is crazy,” read another comment. 

“We’re all on her side,” said a further viewer.

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