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Deplatformed: Gab’s fake white women

What happens when you mix white nationalism, AI, and horny dudes online? This forum on Gab.


David Covucci


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If there’s one thing Gab, the inherently white nationalist, frequently antisemitic, and often racist site, loves, it’s well… it’s those things.

But what if you are one of those particular Gab users who loves all those things, but is, you know, kinda horny? How are you going to get your fix on a site overwhelmed by posts about the migrant invasion of America, Black crime, and former President Donald Trump?

Well, you hijack a group for tradwives to post AI-generated images of babes you are in love with.

“🤍 WHITE WOMEN OF GAB 🤍 and men we love & respect” originally began as a forum for ladies to birth white babies and “share thoughts … on feminine traits, motherhood, being a wife,” as well as “white communities and our role in them”

However, it appears several male users misinterpreted the group’s name and now just post pictures of white chicks they would like to secure an Anglo-majority for America with.

Most of them appear to be made with artificial intelligence

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Some of the chatter can be downright wholesome in a group obsessed with racial purity.

“How could a man not love women? They’re are just awesome,” wrote one user on an image of a young woman in a bikini. The bracelets on her wrist, though, don’t sit right, a telltale sign of computer-generated imagery.

But, not everyone shared that general enthusiasm. When one user wrote he had to “find me a girlfriend” (again on a likely AI image), another cautioned him to be wary.

“Make sure you have a good PI do a background check on her.”

He insisted he would.

The group also used images of women with wrist bones in the wrong place and earrings not attached to their lobes to ding actual women of color in politics and entertainment.

“Much better than false eyelash Crocket and AOC! And by far!” said one.

“White beauty cannot be duplicated as much as Beyonce tries,” opined a poster.

However, not everyone supported the movement, feeling that pictures of hot babes were causing the user base to lose sight of Gab’s true purpose of pushing white nationalism.

“AS much as I truly enjoy our women and theri beauty, lets not turn gab into instagram. I can’t even open it without a parade of hotties all showing off theirn delicious ta-ta’s and bodacious buns. It’s distracting from the real issues at hand. A time and place for everything.”

Some though, wanted to keep the posting going.  

“I like the hotties!” argued one.

But while the men sure liked it, it wasn’t clear if the actual white women would. 

“I have to get off, now. My wife is coming!” wrote another.

Whether he meant log off the page or…. Well, best not to guess

2) Nancy Mace backlash

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) fended off a revenge plot against former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who she helped oust from his top job last year.

Mace was one of eight conservatives who turned against McCarthy at the beginning of 2024 over his supposed too-centrist ways, spiraling the House into chaos as the party struggled to elect a new speaker.

In response, McCarthy and allies funneled millions into Mace’s primary, pushing ads for her opponent Catherine Templeton. Mace, though, handily won

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But a defeat of a hand-picked McCarthy candidate was a pyrrhic victory for MAGA heads, who despite their disdain for McCarthy and desire to spite him, really dislike Mace.

On the patriots. win forum, users lamented Mace for voting on contempt charges for Steve Bannon for his role in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. Bannon now faces jail time over his refusal to hand over records to Congress.

“Mace voted to send Bannon to prison and was all about Trump until Jan 6, then after backing off voting to impeach at the last second, she tried to claw back favor with MAGA by voting to oust McCarthy. She’s a self-serving b***h who will throw anyone under the bus and then back the bus up over them if she thinks it will benefit her,” said one.

“McCarthy getting more pie on his face is fun and all, but this woman is a backstabber and not MAGA,” added another.  

“She voted to fuck over Bannon, claiming it was in order to strengthen Congress’s power over investigations,” wrote a posted. “She must have missed the part about the J6 committee being illegitimate. Fuck this stupid c**t.”

Mace, though, will likely win her general race to stay in Congress. 

3) How chans take their whiskey

Over on 4chan’s cooking forum, a debate over whiskey devolved from the proper way to drink it to the degeneracy of alcohol.

“Tennessee client offers you whiskey, you accept,” read the hypothetical. “Then they say, neat or on the rocks? Do you say neat: and sound like either a connoisseur or a [alcoholic] lush? Or do you say on the rocks, and sound like a pussy, but more professional and not an [alcohlic].”

One would think the matter would be of personal preference and not terribly important. Some chimed in with the suggestions of rocks, or neat. But a number of forum posters flamed the OP for drinking, which is less popular these days.

“Ha, no,” One said to the poster assuming he’d accept the drink. “Repeal the 21st.”

“I have never had alcohol,” a person said, asking if he should try.

No, another wrote back. “Keep it that way.”

“Don’t. I never really drank until my late 20’s and I regret it.”

“It’s a test,” opined a user. “the only correct response is ‘I don’t drink on the job.’”.

Some thought drinking was preventing men from reaching their full potential.

“having an addiction is generally a hinderance to running a successful business.”

But, said another, “all the elites are on some flavour of crack.”

Yet one person simply lamented the younger generation’s lack of knowledge.

“Man you zoomers need a manual for everything,” they wrote, adding that neat was the move. 

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