Delta apologizes for lazy Ghana tweet


You’d think an airline would have a better grasp of geography.

Delta has apologized for an exuberant World Cup tweet Monday evening, in which it had celebrated the U.S. men’s national team victory over Ghana with an iconic symbol from each country: the Statue of Liberty, and a giraffe.

Except, as several users were quick to point out, while giraffes are scattered around many parts of Africa, they sure aren’t found in Ghana.

Delta was quick to delete the tweet and apologize. It now blandly roots for “all teams.”

This is hardly the most uproarious photo tweeted recently by an airline, however. In April, US Airways tweeted, for some reason, a very not safe for work photo of a woman using a toy airplane as a sex toy.

Photo by enjosmith/Flickr

Kevin Collier

Kevin Collier

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