woman speaking with caption 'Plane on its way to Barcelona turns around due to passenger having explosive diarrhea all over the plane. the way y'all are going in on that passenger' (l) Delta plane in sky (c) woman speaking with caption 'Plane on its way to Barcelona turns around due to passenger having explosive diarrhea all over the plane. that caused the plane to turn around' (r)

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‘Everyone is laughing like that person wasn’t in severe pain and humiliated’: People defend Delta passenger who forced plane to turn around

'I know he is so traumatized.'


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Posted on Sep 6, 2023

A TikToker defended an anonymous Delta passenger after their humiliating moment was broadcast worldwide.

The viral moment occurred on Delta flight 194 from Atlanta, GA, to Barcelona, Spain, on September 1st. Two hours into the flight, a passenger allegedly had a medical emergency, causing uncontrollable diarrhea, which leaked down the aisle.

Audio shared on LiveATC.net and X, formerly known as Twitter, purports to have captured a discussion between the pilot and air traffic control. In the recording, the pilot explains the situation: “This is a biohazard issue. We’ve had a passenger who had diarrhea all the way through the airplane, so they want us to come back to Atlanta.”

Videos of the mess have also been shared on social media, showing feces and paper towels down the length of the aisle.

A few days later, TikTok user M (@mariamas.trench) posted a video condemning the lack of empathy for Delta’s unfortunate passenger. Viewed over 927,000 times as of publication, the post struck a chord with many viewers.

“The way y’all are going in on that passenger that caused the plane to turn around due to the fact that they had explosive diarrhea all over the plane is crazy,” M begins. “‘Cause I don’t think y’all understand how it feels for your stomach to hurt at the wrong place at the wrong time, let alone diarrhea.”

@mariamas.trench Plane on its way to Barcelona turns around due to passenger having explosive diarrhea all over the plane. #diarrhea #airplanetiktok #barcelona #passenger #notfunny #karma #becareful #itcouldbeyou #fyp #foryou #foryoupage ♬ original sound – M

M continues by setting up the horrible situation the passenger was in: “There’s probably like, what, two bathrooms? One’s in first class, so I doubt you can use that one … The other one’s in regular coach … Most likely, that’s being used ’cause there’s how many passengers on a plane.”

She emphasized how horrible it would feel to be laughed at around the world: “The fact that this is broadcasted all over the world … If I was this person, I’d be completely mortified.”

Finishing her plea, M points out how anyone could have this kind of mishap: “Let’s be for real. Let’s use our human senses and common sense, and just understand and have empathy, and know that this could happen to you … Beware y’all, ’cause this can sneak up on you at any second.”

Many agreed with M’s point and expressed sympathy toward the Delta passenger.

“This genuinely sounds like hell omg I feel so bad for the person,” one viewer said.

“The impact mentally this has to have on the person ….. I hope they are okay,” a second agreed.

“I initially thought the reaction from most people would be ‘whew! we’ve all been there! poor guy!’ and it.. it .. has not. been like that at all,” a third added.

Many also shared their own fears and stories of mishaps while traveling.

“It’s the worst feeling. I take public transportation everyday here in NYC & it’s my biggest fear. I take Imodium on the regular even when I feel fine,” a user said.

“Ibs sufferer here. Yes I’ve sit my pants. It happens,” a second stated.

“I had mild diarrhea one time on a plane on the way back from cali and it’s was HORRID. Havin’ to go to the bathroom on planes is already just god awful,” another shared.

“This is literally one of my biggest fears! Especially because so many of us have sensitive stomachs! Poor guy,” a fourth added.

EMTs met the plane once it reached Atlanta and removed the passenger for further treatment. Three hundred and thirty-six passengers were delayed for hours but were grateful for the cleanup crew’s thorough work.

According to passengers onboard, staff used a vanilla-scented disinfectant while they scrubbed the aircraft and replaced carpets. After a five-hour cleanup, passengers re-boarded for their 8-hour and 13-minute flight. Some posted on social media that the plane was cleaner than when they’d initially boarded.

The Daily Dot contacted M and Delta via email for further information.

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*First Published: Sep 6, 2023, 4:32 pm CDT