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‘Me at Subway doing 3 individual cookies instead of a 3 pack’: Dairy Queen worker charges separately for Blizzards after customer was rude

‘I don’t understand why people are so rude to service workers.’


Phil West


A Dairy Queen worker helped drive home a point about rude customers at fast-food restaurants—the deal you get can depend entirely on how you treat the staff.

The TikTok video in question comes from creator @puriteelynn, getting more than 54,000 views as of Monday. She uses a snippet of Infinity Song’s “Haters Anthem” currently making the rounds on TikTok—specifically, the part that goes, “I love the way it feels to be a hater.”

She paired it with an on-screen caption providing context while she sips a drink and gives the camera a wave.

@puriteelynn enjoy 🫶🏽 #fyp #dq #foodservice #ilovethewayitfeelstobeahater ♬ Haters Anthem – Infinity Song

That caption reads, “POV: I didn’t add the Blizzards you ordered as the drink for your combo/basket to make it cheaper b/c you’re rude.”

Commenters from both sides of the equation showed how they related.

“I don’t understand why people are so rude to service workers,” one remarked. “I’m always overly nice if something is messed up and get free stuff most of the time.”

Another quipped, “Me at subway doing 3 individual cookies instead of a 3 pack,” which elicited a laughing response from the creator.

Someone else confessed, “Me making customers pay extra for side sauces because they’re mean to me.”

That led the creator to remark, “lmfaooooo fr. like are you sure you still want extra gravy? hahaha.”

One commenter shared, “Me at my old job making karens pay the extra 90¢ for almond milk instead of 2%.”

Dairy Queen workers are already in the pantheon of fast-food employees taking their revelations to TikTok. In one Daily Dot story from July 2023, a user details customer behaviors that annoy the DQ crew, including smoking in the drive-thru and asking for a bag for a sundae. In another from June, a TikToker creatively showed DQ workers “sitting” in imaginary chairs to illustrate how their workplace didn’t provide chairs for employees on break.

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and to Dairy Queen via email.

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