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‘We need to humble Goodwill. … If all of us did that, they would be forced to go back to their standard pricing’: Goodwill customer urges people to cut out tags before donating

'They have Dollar Tree decorations marked at $3.'


Marlin Ramos


Posted on Jul 6, 2023

A Goodwill customer is attempting to “humble” the store by urging fellow customers to cut out the tags of their clothes before donating them in an effort to force it back to “standard pricing.”

This comes after a slew of brand-name items were found at Goodwill locations with steep price tags. Some of those prices were even higher than their original prices. For example, one shopper stumbled across a shirt that was priced by Goodwill at $20, even though the shirt originally sold for $9 at Zara. In yet another example, another shopper found a Banana Republic dress at Goodwill for $10 more than its original price.

In her video, Erica (@ericaetaylor) is at a kitchen counter with several articles of clothing. “You better not be donating your items to Goodwill with all the tags still attached honey, absolutely not!” Erica starts off her TikTok, which has over 106,000 views and more than 5,000 comments.

“They have caught on to the reselling market and somehow think they are the new Target, the new JCPenney. We need to humble Goodwill and remind them who they are. You better be cutting out all your tags. If all of us cut out all of our tags, then they would be forced to go back to their standard pricing,” she says.

Erica breaks down the science behind resellers’ pricing, which she explains is based on key information found on several tags like the brand tag, style tag, date tag, and even the fabric tag. Erica also discusses the RN number, which, through some research, outlines which collection an item is a part of and if it’s in style.

“That’s gonna piss resellers off, and I’m sorry. This video is not for you,” Erica says. “That’s a little tip for the regular schmegular gals like me.”

@ericaetaylor CUT OUT THOSE TAGS for the best prices and the best profit when selling your used clothes! #thrifting #goodwillfinds #savingmoneytips #couponing ♬ original sound – Erica | Couponing + Lifestyle

But it’s not just resellers that might be upset to find clothing items at Goodwill with no tags. Shoppers might also find this inconvenient.

“Ummm, tags are kinda helpful for ppl who buy clothes too,” one commenter said.

“Please do not cut out the size tags. all my goodwills got rid of their dressing rooms,” another said.

Other commenters have flagged how there are more socially conscious places you can donate your clothing to ensure they go to people in need. 

“You can also approach your local mental health care provider…we often deal with indigent people who need clothes,” one commenter said.

In another video, Erica agreed with some concerns brought up regarding tag removal and echoed that there are alternative places to donate clothes that are more equitable.

All in all, TikTokers seem to agree that Goodwill prices have risen significantly.

“100% agreed it use[d] to be affordable,” one commenter said.

“I went to look and they ha[d] Dollar Tree decorations marked at $3. trip[p]le the price for a USED item,” another commenter noted.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Erica and Goodwill for comment via email.

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*First Published: Jul 6, 2023, 3:27 pm CDT