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‘Can we sit over there in that booth, please?’: Servers mock customers who demand to sit at booths

‘Um, there’s a booth open right there.’


Melody Heald


It’s become something of a trend for restaurant workers to share their biggest customer pet peeves. For example, Texas Roadhouse workers hate when customers order a coke and water and only touch the coke. Red Robin workers hate when customers order coffee. And at least two workers at Los Rodeos Mexican Bar & Grill find when customers demand to be seated at a specific booth annoying as heck.

In a skit, TikTok user Madison Stigall (@madisonpstigall) and her co-worker act out a “party of three” coming into the restaurant and demanding to sit at a very specific booth.

@madisonpstigall Pet peeves of working in a restaurant pt1🤣 #fyp #resturant #retail #waitressproblems #hostess #hostessproblems #resturantproblems #petpeeves #funny ♬ original sound – Madison Stigall

Next up on the list of annoying customers were those who bypass the hostess stand to seat themselves.

Another booth-demander comes into the restaurant. When asked if a “table is OK,” the customer responds, pointing, “Um, there’s a booth open right there.”

The workers also poke fun at customers who crack jokes about the servers paying for their meals and customers who try to pay without waiting for their server to give them a ticket.

The video concludes with Stigall erupting into a sarcastic fit of laughter in response to the customer’s joke.

The Daily Dot reached out to Stigall via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment. Her video racked up over 543,000 views as of Aug. 23 and resonated with many viewers. Viewers also felt emboldened by Stigall’s video and shared their own grievances. “My personal favorite is before I can even get a hello out a grown adult cuts me off and yells ‘BOOTH’ at me,” one user shared.

“Or when it’s the middle of a rush and you’re sitting somebody and they want to sit at a dirty table so you have to hurry and clean it off,” a second stated.

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