Woman says male customers kept trying to get into closed Chipotle

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‘What are you gonna do if you get in? Make your own burrito?’: Woman says customers repeatedly kept trying to get into closed Chipotle

'Sometimes when we have to close early I’ll sit in the parking lot and just watch the customers do this.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Mar 26, 2023

A woman shared in a viral TikTok how customers repeatedly tried to get into a Chipotle despite it being closed.

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The video featured TikTok user Ashley (@wickedreads) as she sits in her car. She revealed to her 48,000 followers that “people continue to amaze” her before diving into her story.

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She explains how she wanted Chipotle for lunch but they were closed and opted for Pot Belly—which was right next door—instead. As she eats in her car in the parking lot in front of Chipotle, she says she witnessed four different men attempting to get in, despite a giant sign on the door stating that they closed early. 

According to Ashley, the men would “stand there, read it (the sign), and try to open the door.” However, there was one man in particular who stood out and annoyed her. The man “had his daughters with him” who would “not give up.” Four different times he tried to open both doors, she says. On the first attempt, he didn’t read the sign but after three different times, he kept trying to pull the doors open.  

During an email interview with the Daily Dot, Ashley declined to disclose which Chipotle location this occurred at. She did reveal she observed people attempting to get inside the Mexican grill for half an hour. She stated how both men and women tried to open the door but it was mostly men.

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“Both men and women went up to the doors as it was a normal time for Chipotle to be open but only men tried to force their way inside after reading the ‘closed’ notice. Not every man who went up to the doors attempted to get inside,” she wrote via email.

@wickedreads What happens if you do get in?? Are you gonna raid their refrigerators?? Theres no food ready for you #wickedreads #peopleamazeme #chipotle #letmein #men🙄 ♬ original sound – ashley ❄️

The video racked up 58,000 views as of Sunday, where it resonated with viewers as they stated how people tend to not read signs anymore.

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“I have discovered that people do not read signs I discovered this while working at a book store,” one viewer revealed.

“People often look at signs but actually fail to read and understand them. Some of them are like toddlers when you tell them X, they nod and forget,” a second said.

“I work at a college bookstore and even college students don’t know how to read signs I swear,” a third stated.

Others shared their experiences with customers attempting to break in at their jobs.

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“We were closed for renovations for one day and had a big sign telling just that. we saw a man come over ten times that day to try the door,” one viewer shared.

“I used to work at Chipotle. We weren’t open yet and a lady broke the lock on the door, came in and demanded service,” a second commented.

“Somebody kicked our door in because he came in AFTER CLOSING and I guess was mad,” a third wrote.

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*First Published: Mar 26, 2023, 2:33 pm CDT
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