Customer calls out boxed pizza, says its the same price as Dominos

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‘Since when is store-bought pizza the same price as Domino’s’: Customer calls out $8.98 Delissio pizza at grocery store

'For some odd reason when I ordered Domino's for 8.99 my pizza becomes 32.99.'


Brooke Sjoberg


Posted on Aug 25, 2023

Inflation has had consequences for consumers at the grocery store since the end of 2022. Higher food prices have hit specific items—like eggs or mayonnaise—particularly hard.

Many grocery store customers have shown off these instances of individual products seeing a jump in price amid the rise in food costs, calling out grocery chains and manufacturers of food products for the increases.

The annual inflation rate rose by up to 9% year-over-year in some months, according to the Pew Research Center. This is most easily observed at the supermarket, where some categories of grocery items, like beef, reportedly rose by up to 16% in the last year.

One such shopper claims that these price increases are putting frozen pizzas available at the grocery store at a price that is similar to a special advertised by Domino’s.

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In the video posted by @ryanubuxton, he shows the price of the stuffed crust Delissio pizza versus the $8.99 special available to Domino’s customers.

“Bro…since when did store-bought pizza become the same price as Domino’s?” the poster says in the video.

The video then cuts to a screen grab of an $8.99 mix-and-match offer from Dominos, which requires the purchase of two items to get the lowered price for each.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @ryanubuxton via email regarding the video. It is unclear which grocery store the video was filmed in.

Several commenters remarked that ordering pizza through Domino’s rarely left them paying the advertised price at the end, whether through add-ons or delivery fees.

“I order that deal once a month,” one commenter wrote. “It’s 10.99 after the handmade pan & you have to spend 8.99 on pasta/chicken, plus tax, delivery and tip. $35 total.”

“Gotta buy 2 at domino’s though to get that price,” another user echoed. “Always a catch – bro…”

“For some odd reason when I ordered Domino’s for 8.99 my pizza becomes 32.99,” one viewer said.

Others pointed out that the two are not an apples-to-apples comparison, with one being a stuffed crust pizza and the other being a medium two-topping pizza with some crust options being an extra charge, as well as the requirement to purchase two pizzas through the promotion at Dominos.

“You’re comparing some stuffed crust deluxe abomination with a cheese pizza from dominos,” one commenter wrote.

“That one is stuffed crust,” another user agreed. “Pay more for that at Domino’s too.”

“It’s not the same price,” one user said. “Dominos is $8.99. The store bought pizza is $8.98. You still save money by buying it in the store.”

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*First Published: Aug 25, 2023, 10:18 am CDT