Server calls out customers for gaslighting over menu

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‘You’re lying because I was here on Saturday and I ordered the yogurt bowl’: Server calls out customers for gaslighting over menu

‘the gaslighting is crazyyy’


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When it comes to the food service industry, dealing with challenging customers can be a regular occurrence. But sometimes the encounter is odd enough that it stands out from the crowd. That’s the case for one server who is calling out customers for gaslighting him over the menu.

On Aug. 22, TikTok user Danny (@dannytheserver) shared a viral storytime video about a recent shift where he was accused of lying about menu items that, according to him, were never part of the restaurant’s offerings.

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Danny recounted a situation where a couple sat down and asked for a yogurt bowl. When he informed them the restaurant doesn’t serve yogurt, the woman objected, stating, “Yeah, you do.”

After the TikToker reiterated the menu’s offerings, the woman continued, “You’re lying. Because I was here on Saturday, and I ordered the yogurt bowl.”

The argument didn’t stop there. When the couple later requested waffles the server was once again forced to explain that they don’t have them on the menu. The woman responded, “Why do you keep lying?”

He then told his manager about the situation, assuming they would find the situation funny. However, when his manager went over to the table to check on them, the customers acted like nothing was wrong.

“And all of a sudden, they were fucking angels. And they’re like, ‘Yeah, everything’s all right here. The pancakes were great. Like, we have no problems over here.’ And then my manager probably thought I was fucking crazy. But yeah, that was the story today,” Danny concluded.

Many commenters expressed their sympathy and support for Danny, while also sharing stories of dealing with difficult customers.

“the gaslighting is crazyyy,” one commenter wrote.

Another server chimed in saying, “Idk what it is but when customers ask ‘when you new here’ when their mad it pisses me off.”

“I would have asked her are you sure it was here?” a third added.

This is not the first time that Danny has gone viral for his stories of working in the service industry. In July, he posted a storytime video about a customer who was upset that her hot tea did not have latte art on it. The video received nearly 67,000 views.

The Daily Dot reached out to Danny via TikTok DM for comment.

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