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‘But who cut themselves the first piece of bread?’: Server calls out guest who sat herself in dining room demanded food for diabetic mom

'I’m tapped out of serving it has me on anxiety meds now.'


Tangie Mitchell


Posted on Aug 29, 2023

A server called out a rude customer who sat her own party and demanded food for her diabetic mom, only to take the first bite herself.

In a TikTok, server Amanda (@amandacaye88) details how a woman, her mother, and her husband walked into the restaurant where she works while the establishment had a wait. When told they could wait at the bar, the party mistakenly sat in Amanda’s table section, effectively seating themselves. The woman’s rude behavior escalated quickly thereafter.

“From the second I approached this lady, she’s been rude, so rude,” Amanda recounts about the customer.

@amandacaye88 I’ve been in the serving industry for 7 years and rhis lady was jusy willldddd. #servertok#restuaranttok#serverlife#serverproblems #karensgoingwild #resturantstories ♬ original sound – Amanda Caye

Amanda greeted the party and kindly asked them to move from the table so she could clean it off, to which the woman curtly responded, “My mom needs to eat. She needs to eat right now. She’s diabetic, she needs to eat.” Amanda said she’d be right back with some bread for the table, and the woman replied, “You don’t understand.”

In her video, Amanda explains that the customer didn’t give her time to collect the table’s drink orders, so she dropped off bread and some water at the table before hurrying to grab silverware.  As she made her way to the front of the restaurant, she saw a man using a wheelchair near the door and went to open it for him. The woman stormed up from the table to Amanda, demanding, “We need silverware, what are you doing?”

“I’m opening the door for a man in a wheelchair with one leg, come on,” Amanda vents in the video.

When Amanda returned to the table with silverware, she noticed that one chunk of bread had been torn off and that the only person eating was the rude woman. In the TikTok, she muses, “Your mom is such a diabetic, but you feed yourself before her?”

Amanda goes on to say that the customer continued to be rude throughout the rest of the meal, to the point where she almost got a manager to take over her table because she “couldn’t do it.” 

“Serving is wild. People are so disgusting and rude and inhumane to the people that serve them,”  she says.

The video has amassed around 350 likes and 8,469 views as of Tuesday afternoon.

“I would fight a b*tch! I’m sorry this happened to you!” one Tiktoker commented. 

“I don’t miss this and I hate this for you,” another viewer said.

The mistreatment of service industry workers has been an ongoing issue, and many, like Amanda, are turning to TikTok to air their grievances and make their experiences with any unruly customer known. 

“I literally wanted to cry because I was so frustrated that I could not be rude back to her,” Amanda shares, a sentiment not unfamiliar to those who’ve ever worked in the service industry.

“Heart goes out to you, I’m tapped out of serving it has me on anxiety meds now,” a comment from a former server reads.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Amanda via Instagram for comment. 

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*First Published: Aug 29, 2023, 3:48 pm CDT