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‘You know, the restaurant loses money over that sh*t?’: Servers call out customers who order cup of coffee at restaurants

'You want me to waste a whole f*cking pot of coffee just for you to drink one f*cking cup?'


Phil West


Posted on Jul 25, 2023

A group of servers got together to share some of the things they wished they could say to servers—and some of it reveals just how much customers can annoy servers.

The TikTok video showcasing it comes from creator Mayc (@mayceejeanotte), appearing to pair with a couple of co-workers at a restaurant after hours to showcase gems they’ve been saving up for this occasion.

It’s pulled in more than 413,000 views in four days on the platform, first appearing on Friday.

It starts with a customer berating a server for forgetting a burger when his hands are full delivering other order items.

“Well I’m not a f*cking octopus,” he says. “I can only grab two things at a time, so I’ll be right f*cking back.”

The creator then jumps in, delivering a water to a different customer who asks if it’s tap water. She snarks, “I go outside in the f*cking spring and get your water for you.”

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The disrespect continues with a customer saying “I changed my mind about the lemon” in her water, only for the server to snatch it out of the glass with a free hand.

Another asks, “Can I get a cup of coffee?”

That same server queries to the customer about making coffee for her, noting, “You want me to waste a whole fucking pot of coffee just for you to drink one f*cking cup?”

He walks away, and then calls back over his shoulder, “You know, the restaurant loses money over that sh*t!”

The video continues, touching on customers who ask for help from a server not assigned to a table, customers who talk over each other to order when a server can only hear one person at a time, and a customer who wants water as a server’s bringing over a tray of waters.

Commenters included servers who applauded the messaging.

“I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who’s ever said I’m not an octopus,” one remarked.

Another chimed in, “I still tell them I’m not an octopus.”

Someone else complained, “The amount of times people ask where their food is while i have three scorching hot plates in my hand,” with appropriately huffy emojis.

The coffee comment struck a nerve with one who said, “I’ve been saying the coffee machines broken for the past year.”

Someone else observed, “They don’t even drink the coffee or they complain that it’s not good.”

“We never have coffee,” another maintained, “and I’m sticking to it.”

“I went in the restaurant I worked at as a patron with my wife,” shared another, “and a regular saw me and came up and asked me for a water refill.”

Someone declared, “I support giving the exact energy you are given.”

Finally, one person enjoying the content noted, “I love being on server TikTok.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Jul 25, 2023, 1:12 pm CDT