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‘That whole pot woulda been tossed to the parking lot’: Woman finds something unusual in her crawfish

‘I have NEVER in my 50 years of life seen anything like this.’


Amara Thomas


In a viral video, TikToker Archelle (@oatsfinessinn) found spiders in her crawfish. In the 43-second clip, she slowly pulled large brown spiders out of her pot of crawfish. In the background of the video, her child asked, “Where did those spiders come from.” By the end of the video, she found around seven brown spiders in her food. 

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In the video’s caption, she questioned, “Over here tryna find out if these are spiders in my crawfish?!?!?” The video has 9.3 million views and 27,000 comments and sparked much discourse. 

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“I was born and raised in Louisiana eating crawfish and I have NEVER in my 50 years of life seen anything like this. Where did you get those crawfish?” one viewer asked. Archelle responded, “Well they have been importing them lately … & they carelessly don’t purge them cause they in a hurry to make a profit.” 

Many viewers marveled at Archelle’s ability to pick up and touch the spiders. “You touching them with your bare hands ?!? My soul would’ve left my body,” one shared. Another added, “I love how easily she just pulls them out. I COULD NEVER!”

Some viewers were even able to identify the kind of spiders. “Y’all saying wolf spiders, I’m saying those are Dolomites triton aka the six-spotted fishing spider. They tend to get caught with crawfish because they’re attracted to the bait,” one viewer shared. 

These comments caused viewers to wonder if the crawfish was cleaned. “Did u clean them before cooking? Or bought them cooked? I feel like that’s something that should have been found during the cleaning process,” a viewer asked. Archelle responded, “I brought them cold, and warmed them in a pot.” 

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@oatsfinessinn Over here tryna find out if these are spiders in my crawfish?!?!? #crawfish ♬ original sound – Archelle

After the original video was posted, Archelle uploaded a video with an update, adding more context to the situation. 

“I’m here to give you guys an update on the spiders and the crawfish,” she shared. “Yes. I got them from the Shrimp Dock. I purchased 10 pounds. They were $14 a pound. They were cold when we made it home. We warm them up in a pot,” she explained. She claimed that the manager refused to give her a refund and instead offered her store credit. 

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Many viewers found the restaurant not giving Archelle a refund frustrating. “I can’t believe they wouldn’t give you a refund.. they should be giving you more than just a refund.. that’s so traumatizing and should reflect on their food safety rating (or whatever it’s called),” one viewer shared. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Archelle via TikTok and the Shrimp Dock via email for comment. 

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