Cracker Barrel server reveals how much she makes in tips

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‘Girl that is sooo good on a Tuesday at CB get it’: Cracker Barrel server reveals how much she makes in tips


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A server shares how much she makes in tips during a Tuesday morning at Cracker Barrel.

The video follows TikTok user Katie Noel (thekatienoell) as she prepares for and works a breakfast shift at the country store and restaurant. Throughout the video, she chronicles each table’s tab and the tip they left. At the end of her shift, Noel says she made a grand total of $175.67 on $692.30 in sales.

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The video has amassed more than 810,000 since it was posted. Current and former Cracker Barrel servers wrote in to praise Noel for how much she made in tips.

“Girl that is sooo good on a Tuesday at CB get it,” one viewer wrote.

“I never got large tips like that at cracker barrel when I served there, way to go!” a second agreed.

However, other former Cracker Barrel veterans weren’t as positive.

“Never forget the time I did a Sunday double and made $80 and everyone said i was ‘lucky,’” one user shared.

“the whole reason i quit cracker barrel was because how shit the tips were at the one i worked at, i would go home with 40$,” a second commented.

Cracker Barrel tips are a popular topic among servers on TikTok. One complained that she made only $20 over the course of a five-hour shift. Another said she made $200 after altering her work uniform. Commenters encouraged one budding server to stick it out after a string of bad tips. Becoming an experienced Cracker Barrel server and building a clientele of regular customers is the key, they said.

And Noel isn’t alone in tracking her tips via TikTok. In June, one user went viral after making more than $600 during an 11-hour shift. A Chili’s server sparked debate after revealing her take-home pay after a shift. However, one user said he quit the practice because it wasn’t making him happy.

The Daily Dot reached out to Noel via TikTok for comment.

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