Costco customer shares hidden corner of website for best deals

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‘If you have a Costco membership, always check things out there first’: Costco customer shares hidden corner of website for best deals

‘What’s the catch?’


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A Costco shopper shared some knowledge that will be of value to a lot of Costco members: a special hidden corner of the website where phone deals live.

The knowledge was dropped by creator Mila (@milaxhehe), and word’s spreading: She’s garnered more than 778,000 views and more than 56,000 likes on the video since first getting it up on Thursday. She starts the video by noting, “I don’t think this is like super public knowledge.”

She then shares, “You can sign into your phone carrier through If you have a Costco membership, and not only will you all of the trade-in deals for the new iPhone that your phone carrier gives you, but Costco on top of that gives you extra things.”

By searching on “phones” on the site, shoppers can find a page that promises exclusive deals for AT&T and T-Mobile customers. That appears to be the bridge to the page she’s showing in a screenshot on her video.

@milaxhehe Who doesnt like free stuff am i right?!! So excited for my new iphone 😛 #costcodeals2023 #costcosavings ♬ original sound – Mila

She then notes, “I signed in through and then it makes you sign into a TNT and I got the trade-in through AT&T. On top of that. Costco gives me $50 off of my phone bill for like $50 spread over 10 months, and then they also send you a $100 shopping cart. So if you have a Costco membership, always check things out there first.”

Another person indicated this wasn’t limited to just going online, noting, “If you go in person sometimes they’ll give you a free phone case and screen protector too.”

Others chimed in to share surprising areas where the big-box store offers savings.

“Switched my car & home insurance through Costco too!!!” one exclaimed.

“We refinanced our mortgage a few years ago with Costco and saved sooo much on fees!” another enthused.

“TikTok really wants me to get a Costco membership,” one commenter noted.

Mila said, “I highly recommend it.”

“What’s the catch?” one questioned, implying the deal is too good to be true.

That led Mila to respond in a follow-up video.

The video responds to this comment and shows her receiving and unboxing the phone. “There is no catch … ordered it through my carrier through Costco and it delivered 3 weeks earlier than promised.”

The Costco website is a great place to find exclusive deals. Another TikToker claimed that “you’re not taking full advantage of your Costco membership” if you don’t use the website to find deals. He shared what the gift cards section of the Costco website looks like in his video. “It surprises me how many people don’t know this, but actually sells gift cards to some of your favorite places at a discount,” popular TikTok creator Ravi Wadan (@raviwadan), who refers to himself as a “personal finance content creator,” shared.

The Daily Dot reached out to Mila via TikTok comment and to Costco via online form.

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