Here are some items you can find on Etsy that will help you chill out during a heat wave—or all year long.

Is it hot enough for you?

If you’re looking for ways to chill out, you don’t have to just dunk yourself in an ice-cold bath (although that helps). You can also admire—and even buy—cool things from Etsy, the arts-and-crafts marketplace.

Some will actually help drop the temperature. Others will simply prompt you to think of cooler climes. One way or another, we took a look around and gathered a few things that will help fight the summer heat.

ceiling fan

This may not actually cool you off by if you use  the powers of your mind you might just imagine being chilled out  by this ceiling fan decal

Tie-dye sarong

This tie-dye sarong will bring it to the beach in style–if “hippie” is a style.

surfer van

This picture might bring you back to a certain moment in the sun.

Mason jar solar lights

These Mason-jar solar lights will harness the power of all that sun.

Vintage bikini shot

If you’re old enough, this vintage bikini shot will bring you back to the beach.

Water picture

Admit it: This kind of makes you want to dive in.


Why not not just go for a popsicle—or a picture of one?

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