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‘severe nerve impingement in my hand preventing me from typing’: Boss sends condescending email in response to medical condition

'don't let them withhold your pay'


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Posted on Jul 30, 2023

A Reddit user slammed the alleged “fake a** concern” their former boss expressed after they quit their contract position, which sparked a larger conversation on the soullessness corporate culture.

@Traditional-Hat-952 stated in a viral post that due to a “carpal tunnel release that didn’t take” in their hand, that they were unable to type for a prolonged period of time.

This made performing their tasks next to impossible, as their position requires a significant amount of “typing and editing,” and seeing as they couldn’t do that, they decided to inform their manager that they were going to quit their job.

Just quit my contractor position because of a severe nerve impingement in my hand preventing me from typing, and this is what my director sent me today.
by u/Traditional-Hat-952 in antiwork

The manager’s lengthy, multi-part response to the contractor’s departure notice from the company opens up with mention of the worker signing a “professional contract,” and reminds @Traditional-Hat-952 that part of this agreement stipulates any workers intending on leaving the business must provide “30-day notice” prior to ceasing any work with the company.

The manager proceeds to lecture @Traditional-Hat-952 on importance of adhering to this agreement, and implies that not doing so means @Traditional-Hat-952 is not a “Person of Your Word” with “solid work ethics.”

The boss’ response contained an intimation as to the potential work opportunities they may be leaving on the table as a result of not fulfilling the terms of the contract: “When you leave in good standings, good things follow- you can get great references, the opportunity to be offered a top position if another Project should arise, etc.”

Even though the employee said that they wouldn’t be able to type as a result of their nerve impingement, their boss told them that they were sure they’d still be able to do their job; all they had to do was get “creative” and push a little harder in order to “find a way to successfully carry out this duty without incident.”

Their boss ended their message by stating that they would review their 30-day notice and that they would be willing to discuss the circumstances surrounding their departure.

@Traditional-Hat-952 stated that they would more than likely “lose [their] last paycheck, but that they also had the sneaking suspicion that their former employer “miscategorized” them as a 1099 contractor, when they’ve actually been working in the same capacity as a full-time employee. The original poster (OP) went on to say that they intend to file a claim with their local labor board and retain legal counsel to look into the terms of their employment with the company.

One commenter found a simple way to deal with the situation, one which OP said that they were going to try out: “Hey, great! Give them a 30-day notice and bring in a doctor’s note saying you’re not allowed to type.”

Someone else echoed this sentiment, and even gave some specific verbiage to help ensure that they cover all of their bases as well: “Yes, this! “Prohibited from any repetitive motion using hands, including but not limited to, typing, manipulating a mouse, pressing buttons, or engaging in any other task requiring flexing a wrist or exerting pressure with fingertips.”

According to the Nest, employers are legally allowed to refuse doctor’s notes, unless the worker in question is taking time off of work under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @Traditional-Hat-952 via Reddit DM for further comment.

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*First Published: Jul 30, 2023, 5:13 am CDT