Chipotle customer warns of new ‘phone rule’ after manager rumor leaks

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‘My chipotle yesterday was MASSIVE!!’: Chipotle customer warns of new ‘phone rule’ after manager rumor leaks

‘This explains why my bowl has been packed lately.’


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In a viral sensation that has attracted the attention of 7 million viewers, TikToker and Teacher Miss G (@tik.tok.teacher) has thrown her hat into the conversation about portion sizes at Chipotle. Her theory? Chipotle managers are secretly encouraging employees to be generous with portions if they spot a camera.

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“Apparently, we have hated on Chipotle so much that managers are allegedly providing notices to their employees that if anyone is ordering with their phone out, potentially recording, to just load it up, go ham,” she narrated in a TikTok.

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She continued, “I don’t know if those comments are legitimate or not but you bet your bottom dollar that when my husband gets home, guess where we’re going for dinner?”

The TikToker also thought that the brand was missing out on a golden marketing opportunity with all of the controversy surrounding the size of its burritos and bowls.


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“Aside from that though, where is their PR team? Where is their social media team, you have a great opportunity here to poke fun at yourself, like jump on the train,” she said.

Why people are ‘boycotting’ Chipotle

Miss G’s speculation arises amidst ongoing critiques about Chipotle’s portion sizes, which have allegedly seen a considerable shrink over the past year. This issue was notably spotlighted by Ryan (@ryanisreallypolite) who last year advocated the use of measuring cups to ensure every customer gets the same serving.

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Miss G took this call for accountability a step further, suggesting that the mere presence of a cell phone might lead to larger servings. She cheekily declared her plan to test this theory, which seemed to spark a debate among viewers.

Reactions in the comments section illustrated a mix of amusement and corroboration, suggesting her theory might have some weight.

“Chipotle employee here… I don’t know what corporate told my manager, but he has been a lot more lenient on portion sizes the past week or so…,” one employee shared.

Another user’s experience seemed to confirm this, writing, “I went to Chipotle the other day. They stacked my bowl. I was like damn I get it.”

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Meanwhile, a third remarked, “Bro this explains why my bowl has been packed lately.”

However, skepticism exists among some employees in the comments who denied any such policy.

“I work at Chipotle and this isn’t true. we had a whole new training on potions but it’s just the same policies,” one wrote.

Another expressed a rebellious stance, saying, “As a chipotle worker if you have your phone out while you order I’m giving you half scoops lmao.”

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Despite the ongoing conversation and hilarious theories circulating on TikTok, Chipotle’s business metrics tell a story of success. The company’s stock has risen 51% in the past year, with experts attributing this growth to strong digital initiatives and innovative menu options. Looking ahead to 2024, projections suggest a substantial increase in earnings and revenues, though challenges such as rising costs for commodities and wages loom large.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Miss G via TikTok comment and Chipotle via email.

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