Chipotle customer walks out mid-order after worker ‘skimped’ on food

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‘Bro that’s actually decent’: Chipotle customer walks out mid-order after worker ‘skimped’ on steak. Not everyone agrees

‘For once in my life, I’m actually gonna side with the Chipotle worker.’


Jack Alban


Chipotle’s been heavily criticized by TikTok users for serving up less-than-favorable portion sizes, including one Brit who couldn’t believe that all of the slander being thrown Chipotle’s way was real. Some have even gone so far as to call the franchise a complete scam, urging others to avoid it at all costs.

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But just because there are tons of people hating on Chipotle, doesn’t mean that folks are going to automatically agree with every bit of slander against the restaurant that pops up on TikTok. Just ask Owen (@holy_owen), who recently visited one of the store’s franchises and recorded himself while waiting on the rice, beans, meats, and veggies assembly line.

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His reaction seems to be another instance of the Chipotle “walk out boycott” that’s become popularized on social media as of late.

“Can I get steak?” he asks the employee who moves Owen’s burrito down the line. The employee takes the tortilla, which has a scoop of rice on it and then takes a scoop of steak. They then dip the spoon into the container and add about a quarter spoon more to the burrito. It certainly appears to be a larger portion than some people have said they’ve gotten from the restaurant.

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“Chipotle is always skimping on the ingredients,” he added in the caption.

@holy_owen chipotle is always skimping on the ingredients 🤬🤬🤬 ##chipotle##chipotlewalkout ♬ original sound – Owen🎸
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It sounds like one of the workers asks if he’d like a double portion of steak, to which Owen replies, “No, just more.”

He then sighs as the worker continues to place a bit more meat on the tortilla. The TikToker voices his dissatisfaction.

“Just forget it,” he says as he walks away from the restaurant, recording his black shoes as they take him right out of the store.

What’s the Chipotle boycott about?

All of Chipotle’s recent hate has purportedly fomented an online “boycott” of the restaurant, which some customers have speculated is working as they began receiving larger portions from a location they recently visited.

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There have been instances where Chipotle guests have gone inside and, upon seeing the lack of food they received, walked out after having their meal assembled. Some pro-Chipotle boycotters have even recommended this tactic as a means of protest against the restaurant to let chains know that they won’t be accepting small meat portions.

So, by placing an in-person order of a double meat bowl, with guacamole, and then walking out, customers will leave Chipotle restaurants with a bunch of orders that will presumably have to be tossed.

Folks who responded to Owen’s video stated they didn’t seem too thrilled with his response to the Chipotle worker.

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“For once in my life, I’m actually gonna side with the Chipotle worker here. He actually gave you a good scoop of steak compared to most places,” one person wrote.

Someone else said, “Nah bro that was actually a pretty good portion, you’re trippin.”

Another user on the app wrote, “Bro that’s actually decent.”

However, some folks remarked they thought the video was a plant and the comments section was filled with “chipotle feds.”

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“Too many chipotle workers in these comments,” another wrote.

“Chipotle made spam accounts to say that was a normal portion lol,” one said.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Chipotle via email and Owen via TikTok comment.

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