Chick Fil A Employee explaining that the morning shift took all her appreciation drinks

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‘Surprise!’: Chick-fil-A gets employees smoothies for team appreciation week. There’s none left for workers on night shift

‘Morning shift took all the drinks and you’re night shift.’


Phil West


A Chick-fil-A worker on the night shift learned that managers were getting smoothies for team member appreciation week—but then her and the rest of her night shift co-workers were allegedly shafted by management.

The video documenting the injustice to the night shift comes from creator Abby (@shordietok), who posted it to TikTok on Tuesday amid a number of other videos about her Chick-fil-A life. It has generated more than 161,000 views and nearly 27,000 likes since going up.

In it, the creator posts a video of herself reacting first positively, then negatively, to audio of people yelling, “Surprise!”

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The on-screen caption provides more narrative, starting with what appears to be a message from management saying, “Happy team appreciation week! We have energy drinks and smoothies in the break room!!”

Then, the big reveal: “Morning shift took all the drinks and you’re night shift.”

One commenter observed, “Crazy the lengths companies will go to avoid paying mfs well.”

Others shared less-than-fond memories of being on the receiving end of employee appreciation gestures—with some indicating that last year was way better.

“Last year they went all out,” one remarked. “Candy, drinks, dress up days, this year we got one day, a shirt, and a free milkshake.”

“Last year we had a new thing every day this year we got stuff repeated for a few days,” someone else revealed.

“I do NOT miss working at Target, and this is one of the reasons,” another recalled.

Another commenter let fly with a particularly sad one: “They gave us a singular sticker this year.”

And, finally, as one revealed, it doesn’t really seem to matter when you work depending on how quickly your co-workers descend on what’s doled out.

“Whenever i walk in to get dressed and there’s cookies in the break table, they’re always gone by time i have my uniform on.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and to Chick-fil-A.

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