Woman shares hack to get Chick-fil-A fried chicken wrap

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‘It is a thousand times better’: Customer shares hack to get Chick-fil-A fried chicken wrap

'I always get my wraps like this.'


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Posted on May 14, 2023   Updated on Oct 21, 2023, 8:30 am CDT

A woman reveals two different Chick-fil-A hacks: how to get free ice cream and how to order a fried chicken wrap.

The video was uploaded by TikTok user Amelia Mccall (@mothersewbest) as she sits in her car, holding a cup of ice cream. She states how she learned these hacks from her sister, a former Chick-fil-A employee. The first hack is how she swaps out the kid’s toy for ice cream with the kid’s meal.

She claims that the next hack can only be used for dine-in. When ordering a Chick-fil-A Cool Wrap, she says to substitute the grilled chicken with their fried chicken.

“It is amazing,” she says in the clip. “It gets the cheese all melty, the flavor of the fried chicken, oh, and you have to get the avocado lime ranch.”

Mccall concludes that it’s worth the trip “if you’re willing to spend like the price of your first-born child to get a wrap.” For context, Chick-fil-A claims the price varies by location but according to FastFoodMenuPrices.com, the average price is a little over $6.

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The Daily Dot reached out to Mccall via Instagram direct message, TikTok direct message, TikTok comment, and Chick-fil-A via the media contact form. The video amassed 2.4 million views as of Sunday, where viewers claimed they had success ordering the hacks through the drive-thru.

“Always order on the app and get ice cream through the drive [thru]!” one viewer said.

“My CFA lets us do this in drive thru,” a second echoed.

“I do this and I go in the drive thru lol,” a third agreed.

However, some viewers said they weren’t able to order the hacks.

“Not all stores do this, mine will only do with regular grilled cold and spicy grilled cold,” one user stated.

“I tried doing the chicken switch inside and they wouldn’t let me,” a second concurred.

“Man I just tried lol they told me it’s pre made I’m so mad I wanted to try it so bad,” a third stated.

In addition, others shared different hacks.

“Former cfa worker you can ALSO get the wrap without chicken just ask for the ‘veggie wrap’ they will add tomates, black beans & bellpeppers,” one person shared.

“Girl do it with spicy fried chicken, it’ll change your life,” a second recommended.

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*First Published: May 14, 2023, 1:32 pm CDT