Chick-fil-A customer receives only 3 pickles after asking for extra

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‘Automatic day-ruiner’: Chick-fil-A customer receives only 3 pickles after asking for 2 extra cups

‘I’m gonna make a scene if I go in there.’


Phil West


Declaring “This really chaps my a**,” a TikToker shared a fail of a drive-thru trip to Chick-fil-A, in which she asked for two cups of pickles and only got one cup containing a measly three pickles.

The TikTok comes courtesy of TikToker Meaghan (matteimomof5.3), which has amassed more than 598,000 views as of Apr. 16. In it, she declares, “Automatic day ruiner,” with another person who agrees.

She then talks about being deprived of the pickles she wants, contending that only being given three was, in her words, “stingy AF.”

@matteimomof5.3 This really chaps my a**. #chickfila ♬ original sound – Meaghan

“What the fuck am I going to do with that?” she asks. “I go up in there and make some scene over some pickles? I’m gonna make a scene if I go in there.”

She then notes, regarding having just three pickles to work with, “It’s just a tease. I want all of my [nuggets] with pickles on them.”

She then fishes for the receipt, determining that even though the bag receipt said she ordered two cups of pickles, she actually didn’t get charged for them. “They’re lucky they didn’t charge me for them,” she determines as she balls up the receipt, and the video ends on that note.

Commenters weighed in about the cost of pickles and what should constitute a side.

“You’re the people we talk about in the break room,” one assessed, presumably someone who works for Chick-fil-A.

“Worked there for 6 years,” another contributed. “Ppl don’t understand that a side of pickles is supposed to be how many would be on a sandwich, not pickle soup lol.”

Another commenter said simply, “Shit’s expensive now!!!”

Undeterred, the creator remarked, “I would’ve paid $10 if they would’ve filled that cup up for me.”

The commenters included fellow pickle fans who understood Meaghan’s frustration.

“I am addicted as you to them and they did the same thing,” someone said. “I literally got four pickles.”

Another had a similar experience. “I just did this order. I got 2, TWO, pickles. I was still in the drive thru, checked & asked for more,” they wrote. “They gave me 4 more.”

Someone gave a bit of DIY advice, saying, “Just keep pickles with you.”

But another offered perhaps the advice she was looking for, writing, “Hi honey. I used to work at CFA. If you want more pickles ask for a ‘Bowl Of Pickles.’ It’s normally a dollar.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and to Chick-fil-A via email.

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