Shopper calls out grocery stores after realizing she paid $1.78 extra for chicken because the package weight was wrong

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‘They’re just straight up lying to us and stealing’: Shopper calls out grocery stores after realizing she paid $1.78 extra for chicken

‘My recipes aren’t filling the pans like they used to.’


Vladimir Supica


A customer has exposed a sketchy practice reportedly employed by some grocery stores that could be costing shoppers hundreds of dollars a year.

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In a now-viral video, posted on Oct. 24, TikTok user Gvizzle (@gvizzle_74) revealed how the advertised weight of some products she bought does not align with the actual weight of the food inside the packaging, leading to potential overcharging.

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The TikToker first noticed the discrepancy when she purchased a can of tuna. The packaging claimed a drained weight of 120 grams, but upon weighing, the contents only amounted to 105 grams.

“If I had purchased 10 cans that day, it would have been like opening one can that was completely empty and another that was missing a quarter of the tuna,” she explained in the video.

The second example involved a package of chicken advertised at 862 grams of net weight. Upon weighing, she discovered only 772 grams of chicken inside, a 90-gram difference.

Calculating the financial impact, she stated, “That’s $1.78 on one product, one package of chicken. How many packages of chicken did they sell that day?”

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She continued, “This happened in Metro, but Real Canadian Superstore, which is where I normally shop got me for a $1.53 a couple of weeks ago on some fish. So if I’m on average buying three proteins per week, and rounding down, they’re stealing $5 from me, $260 a year…”

The TikToker then shifted her focus to the larger issue, accusing manufacturers and grocers of “stealing from us every minute of every day.”

Gvizzle questioned, “How many thousands of transactions are happening every hour? And how many of those transactions involve people paying for products they’re not actually getting?”

The video has since accumulated over 922,000 views, sparking outrage and concern from fellow consumers.

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“There should be a law that if the weight isn’t accurate, they have to refund your full cost,” one commenter wrote.

“And the employees are not making a livable wage,” another added.

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“My recipes aren’t filling the pans like they used to,” a third complained.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Gvizzle via TikTok direct messages and to Metro via their press email.

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