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‘They gonna take they bread back’: Customer places Amazon, Popeyes, DoorDash orders after CashApp glitches. It backfires

'I think they glitch on purpose to make y'all spend money.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Sep 12, 2023

If you use electronic cash transfer applications like Venmo or Cash App and suddenly find yourself with a higher balance than you should have, it’s probably not a good idea to spend it. This sudden boon of positive income can more than likely be attributed to a transactional error or glitch on the part of the application.

If you do spend this money, just know that all of the transactions are closely monitored and that you will more than likely be on the hook to cover the cost of the cash you spent. This includes spending money that you didn’t have. This has happened with delivery apps before, like DoorDash, which experienced a temporary glitch that allowed users to place orders for items without having an authorized form of payment. It didn’t end so well for some folks, putting many of their accounts in negative balances as a result.

One TikTok user (@user1219888741724) learned this lesson the hard way after a CashApp glitch left them flush with temporary funds.

They decided to go all out and order a bunch of food via DoorDash, which they proudly displayed in a video on the popular social media platform.

@user1219888741724 i missed all the other times but not this time 😂😂 #fyp ♬ Wassup Gwayy – FamousSally & YB

“pov: your cashapp glitched and you wasn’t missing out this time,” they wrote in the clip’s text overlay.

The TikToker shows off several orders of wings and fries resting on top of a stove in the clip, along with some grub from Popeyes.

She adds in a caption, “i missed out all the other times but not this time”

Her clip also transitioned to shots of boxes of baked goods, along with three Amazon products set to arrive at her home: an Air fryer, a beauty product, and sleepwear.

Several commenters warned her that the boon she would be enjoying from the CashApp balance wasn’t going to last.

“They gonna take they bread back,” one said.

“Ou girl my friend cashapp negative now,” another remarked.

“How do y’all not remember that last time everybody accounts was in the negative,” someone else wrote.

Another warned that the items she bought from Amazon probably weren’t going to arrive once the retailer caught wind that she didn’t have enough money in her CashApp balance. “It’s gon cancel the Amazon in the morning boo they also wait til it’s delivered,” they said.

Someone else claimed that their brother also tried to “capitalize” on a glitch but only ended up in debt as a result. “My brother did this now he $13 in debt,” they noted.

And like clockwork, the consequences of her actions reared its head, which the TikToker posted in a follow-up video that DoorDash ended up putting her account in a -$55.39 balance for all of the food that she ordered.

@user1219888741724 Replying to @Justin🥷 #screammovie #VozDosCriadores yall this is FUNTYY, they was quickkk 😂😂😂😂 #foryoupage #fypシ #doordashglitch2023 #worthit ♬ original sound – ‍

The clip then switches over to another phone which shows a $-43.00 CashApp balance, before it transitions back to yet another negative balance amount showing $-67.27 for charges that couldn’t be covered.

One TikToker just couldn’t believe that folks wouldn’t learn from the previous instances where CashApp users effectively screwed themselves over for spending glitch money, and even suggested that the application was doing it on purpose in order to make folks in debt to the service. “This happened before… how they catch y’all with the same trick twice,” they said.

Another person echoed this sentiment: “I think they glitch on purpose to make y’all spend money so they can. take it”

The Daily Dot has reached out to DoorDash, Amazon, and CashApp via email, and @user1219888741724 via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Sep 12, 2023, 8:44 am CDT