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‘That beater right there. Let me go see if I can sell it’: Dealership workers share which cars will not make it to 100K miles

'Nissan definitely making it.'


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Posted on Apr 17, 2024   Updated on Apr 17, 2024, 7:05 am CDT

Employees of Bakersfield Hyundai out in California shared their thoughts on the cars they didn’t have much hope for making it to 100K miles, and it seems like everyone in the dealership has different opinions on whips you probably don’t want to buy if you are planning on keeping them for a long time.

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An employee of the chain uploaded the clip to the business’ TikTok account (@bakersfieldhyundai661), and its since been viewed 600,000 times.

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“What car isn’t making it to 100,000 miles?” the person recording the video asks a floor employee of the dealership at the start of the video. Her response? The Chevy Cruze, a compact sedan General Motors stopped producing in 2019. The vehicle purportedly suffered coolant leak issues along with brake, acceleration, and engine power complications.

The individual behind the camera poses the same question to another employee of the dealership, who is seated on a chair. “Oh my God, Mercedes?” he tells the recorder. The German brand reportedly has a common overlying problem among many of its models: engine misfires.

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Another worker at the dealership, when asked the same question, jokes, “Yours.”

Someone wearing a suit and munching on a snack is also prompted to provide an answer to the same question. “That beater right there. Let me go see if I can sell him it,” he says before walking in the same direction.

The filmer then approaches a woman sitting at a counter with dual computer monitors before her. “What car isn’t making it to 100,000 miles?” he asks again. She’s ready with her response: “a Kia,” she states.

According to Marketwatch, Kia vehicles have above average dependability rankings and have even won J.D. Power and Associates awards for past, recent years for their dependability. The same article even highlights how RepairPal reports that Kia, when compared to many other major auto manufacturers, have high dependability rating—that isn’t to say that there aren’t those who have had issues with the brand.

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According to another employee, Mini Coopers are unreliable cars that probably aren’t making it to the 100,000 mile mark without significant repairs.

“Any Ford. Any RAM truck. What else? Any Subaru. Any Nissan. That’s it,” the last worker the filmer says.

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Unsurprisingly, viewers had their own strong opinions on the makes and models rattled off in the clip, and there were some who rejected the ideas that the cars listed in these videos would have difficulties in making it to 100,000 miles.

One TikToker wrote, “Nissan definitely making it.”

Another said, “My girl got a Chevy Cruze already past 160k miles.”

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Someone else thought that putting Kia on the list of cars that’ll have difficulty making it to 100,000 miles is unfair. “Doesn’t Hyundai own Kia? Saying Kia is wild,” they penned, seeing as the video was uploaded by a Hyundai dealership.

“It’s actually Hyundai… this is the wrong dealership to do this at,” another pointed out.

There was another worker who thought that Subarus were getting unjustly called out as well: “My Subaru with 200000+ living it’s best life.”

“I got a benz with 189,000 still running strong no issues come on” a Mercedes stan shared.

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There was a person who seemed to agree with one of the employees’ assessments, however. “Well she lied, my Chevy Cruze is at 108 Let’s not talk about how much $ I’ve put into it though,” they said.

Oftentimes, issues with vehicles can often be addressed with regular maintenance , and it’s important to have any potential issues addressed sooner, rather than later, as they could often cause other problems for a vehicle down the line.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Bakersfield Hyundai via email for further information.

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*First Published: Apr 17, 2024, 5:00 pm CDT
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