using your mom's costco card is more stressful than using a fake at a bar

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‘Using your mom’s Costco card is more stressful than using a fake at a bar’: Customer tries to pull a fast one while shopping

‘I use self checkout to avoid it because my anxiety can’t take it.’


Nina Hernandez


Costco memberships—along with deals—are known to come with few terms and conditions. One of those conditions is, of course, that customers are asked to show their Costco card both when entering the building and checking out at the register. It’s not as serious as getting carded for alcohol, per se, but the feeling of stress associated can be similar.

Or that’s at least what two TikTok users say in a video that’s garnered more than 184,000 views since it was posted. On a recent trip to the membership warehouse club, TrcaTwins (TrcaTwins) expressed how choosing to use someone else’s Costco membership card causes them stress and anxiety.

“pov: using your moms Costco card is more stressful than using a fake at a bar,” the twins write in the text overlay as they walk into the store. In the caption, they write: “when i saw our hearts were pounding walking in getting carded.”


when i saw our hearts were pouding walking in getting carded

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“Literally like trying to get into a bar underage, like that sh*t stresses me out every time,” one twin says. Her sibling adds, “I’ve been denied here before.”

Apparently, TrcaTwins aren’t the only ones with major Costco anxiety. Nor are they the only ones who skirt the rules.

“felt this but at sams club it’s so scary,” wrote one user.

Another agreed, “I use self checkout to avoid it because my anxiety can’t take it.”

“Yeah I got carded at Costco because my dad’s card ‘looked too old for me,’” wrote user Harrison King.

“one time i was with my mom at checkout but she had to go to the bathroom and gave me her card and the lady refused to check me out till she got back,” wrote another user.

One user shared a workaround. “I always tell them my mom is inside,” they wrote.

However, some users pointed out flaws in the system.

“One day they asked who was on the back of my card… it was me,” wrote mollie. TrcaTwins responded: “…that’s the day I’ll cry.”

There might be a good reason for the twins to be concerned. Costco is apparently cracking down on membership sharing. In July, the store allegedly banned a woman caught using her husband’s card. Earlier this year, a woman said she was declined for “fraudulent activity” while using her mother’s card. And this spring a woman complained that she was mistaken for a teenager while shopping.

The Daily Dot reached out to TrcaTwins via TikTok and Costco for comment.

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