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‘You won’t catch me in my workplace having my lunch break’: Worker says she’d rather sit through a snowstorm in her car than eat lunch with her co-workers

‘I’ve walked through pouring rain to have my chill alone time’


Grace Fowler


A woman on TikTok says she would rather sit through a snowstorm in her car than take a lunch break with her co-workers. Apparently, she isn’t the only one.

Jade’s viral video (itsjadebabyy) has accumulated more than 447,000 views since it was posted.


Through & throughhhh

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In the video, Jade says she would rather sit in her car alone during lunch break than sit with her co-workers. “I don’t know what this says about me as an employee,” she adds.

Then she says even in the pouring rain and a snow storm she walks to her car because “you won’t catch me in my workplace having my lunch break.” She captioned her video, “Through & throughhhh.”

One viewer comments “100 degrees or below 0, I’m in my car.” 

“GIRL YES,’ Jade responds.

“It’s 105 out and my AC is iffy and I’m still in that car, I don’t care,” another says.

One viewer says, “Rain or snow makes it even better because of the beauty.”

Other viewers leave comments giving reasons why they do this. “I need to recharge my social battery, I can’t be around people ALL day,” one says.

“We’re introverts,” another commenter writes.

“For sanity, there has to be a separation for me,” another agrees.

According to a survey from 97X, more than 63% of people say they eat in their car every single day. In recent headlines, a new hire couldn’t find her co-workers during lunch. The viewers assume that her co-workers were most likely in their cars, or at least prefer to eat alone. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Jade via TikTok DM for comment.

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