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‘I wish more people understood how serious this is AND I wish everyone had a dash cam’: Insurance agent shares car coverage PSA over bodily injury limit

‘This could really save your life one day.’


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A TikTok video posted by an insurance agent has gone viral for revealing a crucial detail that many car owners overlook when shopping for their insurance: the bodily injury limit on their policy.

Thomas Shelton (@alfa_man_thomas_shelton), who works for Alfa Insurance, an insurance company based in Alabama, shared a video on August 23 explaining what auto insurance companies cover when it comes to bodily injury limits and property damage. He also urged people to increase their limits, if they’re able to.

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Shelton opened by saying, “Please stop scrolling and watch this video. Save yourself some trouble and check your car insurance for what I’m about to show you, okay, this could really save your life one day.”

While displaying a picture of a sample policy that had $25,000/$50,000 listed as the bodily injury limit, he said: “The most they’re gonna pay is $25,000 per person, not to exceed $50,000, for the accident and property damage. That’s the most they’re gonna pay for whatever vehicle that you damage or whatever you hit,” he remarked.

Shelton warned that these limits are very low and could leave you liable for the difference if the actual costs of an accident exceed them. He advised viewers to call their insurance company and ask for higher limits on their car’s policy, such as $50,000/$100,000 or $250,000/$500,000.

“A lot of times people are riding around with $25,000 not even knowing. You could bump it up to 50,000 or 100,000. It might only be $10 to $15 a month more. Y’all please check your stuff and don’t get screwed one day and be left holding the bag,” he concluded.

The video has garnered more than 259,100 viewers since it went live, with many going to the comment section to share their thoughts about car insurance limits.

One commenter, who also works in auto insurance, wrote “I can say this is the biggest thing everyone should increase!! 100/300 minimum for everyone in my agency,”

“As a BI claims adjuster, I wish more people understood how serious this is AND i wish everyone had a dash cam,” a second commenter said.

“The average price for a vehicle is $40k. you will have to pay the remainder that your insurance doesn’t pay. the extra $10 a month is worth it,” another commenter argued.

However, some viewers expressed frustration with the high cost of car insurance, with one writing, “NOPE! I’m not carrying anything except state requirements. Can’t afford anything more.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Thomas Shelton via TikTok direct message for comment.

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