carwash customer in car with caption 'This is blank! We did hit them!' (l) carwash customer in car with caption 'This is blank! We did hit them!' (c) carwash customer in car with caption 'This is blank! We did hit them!' (r)

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‘And I want my $10 back’: Car hits truck in front of them in car wash, driver says workers ‘pushed us in too fast’

'My biggest fear. I don’t use those car washes anymore.'


Phil West


Posted on Aug 23, 2023

A couple documented their journey through a car wash—which included hitting the truck in front of them—and blamed the car wash workers responsible.

The video showcasing what happened was put up on TikTok on Saturday by creators @candynjasonsmith, getting more than 44,000 views since first being posted.

It starts toward the end of the car wash cycle, with the couple hanging out and then being startled by the movement of their car—wondering if they hit the truck in front of them.

“We almost hit that truck!” Candy exclaims.

“Yeah,” Jason agrees, and then, reconsidering, asks, “Did we hit it? I think we did!”

Candy concurs, and then observes, “We did hit the truck! We need to go tell them.”

Then she says, “They pushed us in too fast,” and then, echoing the sentiment expressed in the on-screen caption, “That’s bullsh*t!”

The video ends with a picture of a damaged car bumper and a metal hitch on a truck—presumably their car and the truck to show how the collision resulted in the damage.

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In the comments, the creators elaborate further on their theory about the car wash workers, saying in a comment posted to the page on Sunday, “I truly believe the kids that were working put us in to fast after him. We still haven’t heard from the car wash. Maybe tomorrow.”

She clarified, in response to another inquiry, “We could stop the car. My husband tried and the tracks kept pushing us forward.”

One commenter recalled, “This happened to us. The truck in front of us didn’t even notice and drove off. Thankfully no damage to my vehicle.”

The creators responded, “The other guy stopped to tell us he was sorry. He had no where to go. The washer was still down. You can see him take off as soon as it goes up.”

Someone else said, regarding the video, “My biggest fear. I don’t use those car washes anymore.”

The creators concurred, saying, “Never again.”

Another commenter suggested “Honk your horn, they shut the car wash down!” as a cautionary measure after the fact.

Yet another seemed to encourage the couple to go after the car wash, saying, “They’d be paying for that damage.”

“Well I hope so,” and then, appearing to refer to the cost of the car wash, “And I want my 10.00 dollars back.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Aug 23, 2023, 6:52 pm CDT