photo with mouse highlighting shirt with caption 'they have this magic edit button that you can literally highlight' (l) Canva description box with caption 'so all you have to do is describe what you wanna generate and it'll replace uh' (c) photo with new shirt and caption 'but this one is the one I went with and it's crazy' (r)

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‘Not everyone can afford $300-500 headshots’: Worker uses Canva AI to change casual photo into professional headshot

'Another reason to love canva.'


Adrienne Hunter


Posted on Apr 13, 2023

A Canva user realized she could utilize the website’s recently-released, AI-generated “Magic Edit” feature rather than taking new professional headshots.

In a video that has amassed 2.8 million views since it was posted on April 12, TikTok user Jined (@jinedalessandra) described the convenience of this feature. 

@jinedalessandra Kinda cute though! #AI #AIheadshot #canvaai #businesshack ♬ original sound – Jined

Jined said she had not updated her headshots since 2016 and decided to use the Canva tool to add professionalism to a more recent photo instead of taking completely new headshots.

She demonstrates using the technology to “generate a new shirt” because the top in her original picture “wasn’t professional enough.”

“All you have to do is describe what you want to generate, and it will replace whatever that is [you highlighted] with that description,” Jined said. In her case, the tool produced a button-down blouse in place of her off-the-shoulder floral romper.

“Like, I wouldn’t wear this in real life, but it works,” she concluded.

In a follow-up video, Jined went into further detail about how the technology could be used, warning users not to highlight the neck to avoid distortion. 

Viewers in the comments section were divided. While many top commenters were impressed at the realistic final product, several others expressed concern. “I’m begging you guys to just use an actual photographer,” one user wrote.

Meanwhile, some users elaborated on how they took similar technology a step further. “I straight up used [an] AI headshot generator,” one commenter stated. “My profile pic on this account rn is one of the results.”

Several videos of users trying AI headshot generators have gone viral. A TikToker named Kelly (@kellybaums) received 1.8 million views on a video she posted on March 20th, where she shows headshots she generated using Try It On AI.  

“For a mere $17 and a submission of 10 photos, you too could be the proud owner of 100 AI headshots,” Kelly said. 

Similar to the response to Jined’s video, viewers in Kelly’s comments section had mixed feelings about using AI to generate headshots.

“As a photographer, this worries me,” read the top comment. 

However, many commenters expressed that the technology is more accessible for people who cannot afford to have headshots professionally taken. “Not everyone can afford $300-500 headshots,” one viewer wrote. “Professional photos are expensive.”

The Daily Dot contacted Jined via Instagram and TikTok direct message and Canva, Try It On AI, and Kelly via email for further information.

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*First Published: Apr 13, 2023, 6:15 pm CDT