Woman shares how to get cable and internet for $0

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‘You can do this for electric bills also!!’: Woman shares how to get cable and internet for $0

‘I haven’t paid a wifi bill in months/’


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A wealth attainment coach recently shared how to bring down cable and internet bills in the United States.

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TikToker Nina (@nina_moneymentor) explained how Americans can lower their expenses through the Affordable Connectivity Program. The video has been viewed over 480,000 times as of publication.

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“Honestly, I’m surprised that not everyone knows this,” Nina began. “Some people are paying zero dollars a month for their cable and Wi-Fi. Let me show you. It’s the Affordable Connectivity Program by the FCC.”

“This is an FCC benefit program that ensures households can afford the Wi-Fi and internet that they have. … They take up to $30 off your cable bill,” Nina continued.

Many viewers shared their own experiences with the program.

“My WiFi is currently free thanks to that program,” one said.

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“I applied for this through spectrum a few months back, my bill was $70/month & now it’s only $40/month,” a second added.

“Yep. I don’t pay anything at all,” a third agreed.

@nina_moneymentor I think the Affordable Connectivity Program is so cool because it seems that Wi-Fi and cable prices have skyrocketed over the past couple of years. Now I feel like I’m back in the 2010’s! 😌 But yes, one of my friends told me they are paying zero dollars a month! #affordableconnectivityprogram #triballands #internetbill #highspeedinternet ♬ original sound – Nina | Wealth Attainment Coach
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Others claimed it was harder to get accepted than advertised.

“This seems like it’s for folks already on government assisted programs, low income and 30 bucks off only if you don’t fit the criteria. Not for me,” a viewer said.

“It’s been HELL trying to get my application approved, but expect that from a government funded program,” another shared.

“Aw looks like for my area you gotta be below a certain income or on a government program,” another viewer lamented.

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According to FCC.gov, applicants are only eligible if their household is at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines or if a member meets at least one of the criteria listed on its site. These include being on SNAP, Medicaid, Federal Housing Assistance, and more.

The deadline for applications is Feb. 7th. The program discounts internet and cable up to $30 a month or $75 a month if on tribal land. Currently, 22 million households are taking advantage of the program. Unfortunately, the budget is expected to run out by April 2024, effectively ending the program.

The Daily Dot reached out to Nina via email for further details.

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