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‘I never leave home (for a cruise) without it!’: Woman shares why you should always bring a Ziploc on cruise

‘I bring a box of ziplock in my luggage to anywhere I travel.’


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As expensive as cruises can be, it may be worthwhile for new passengers to learn every penny-pinching tip that comes their way.

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Generally, cruise lines allow passengers to bring shelf-stable store-bought snacks like pretzels, granola bars, chips, and other prepackaged goodies to keep in their suites for picky eaters, late-night snackers, and every other reason a passenger might prefer to bring their own snacks.

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But what of those who want to take advantage of the buffets and other on-board snacks provided by the cruise staff? One frequent cruise line passenger says she has the perfect solution: Ziploc bags.

In a video posted to TikTok, Professor Melissa (@professormelissa) says she always brings the bags to take snacks from meal offerings to keep either in her room or on off-ship excursions into port cities.

“Yes, food is abundant on a cruise, but this comes in handy for many reasons,” she says in the video. “One, it’s great to have to keep and store food in your stateroom for late-night snacks, especially because free 24/7 room service is a thing of the past. It’s also great to have snacks with you to take on port days.”

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The Daily Dot has reached out to Professor Melissa via TikTok direct message regarding the video.

What cruise food rules should I know?

While regular snacks are usually accepted, some cruise lines have specific rules around bring-alongs like alcohol. Rules differ from ship to ship and line to line, but passengers are typically allowed to bring a bottle or two of wine on board. Liquor, spirits, and beer are generally not allowed to be brought on by passengers but may be on the menu in different avenues on the ship.

Some cruise passengers have offered their own “hacks” for enjoying the beverages and snacks supplied to their rooms without incurring a fee, although they might not always be safe. One Carnival passenger recently suggested that she refilled bottled water with tap water and resealed it with super glue. However, it is unclear whether the video was shared as a prank.

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Some viewers were quick to point out that, in their experience, they were not allowed to take any food items off the ship.

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“Please be careful of taking food off the boat, if you get caught depending on the port u can face a hefty fine for it,” one commenter wrote.

“Cruises don’t let you take food out of the cruise,” a second said.

“Keep in mind there are ports you cannot bring food into,” another added.

The poster responded to these viewers by suggesting they check their specific ship’s guidelines. In most cases, prepackaged snacks and baked goods like cookies could be fine to take off the ship, as most policies banning snacks being taken from the buffet apply to meats, cheeses, fruits, and vegetables.

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Any other helpful hacks?

Others shared their favorite ways to use resealable plastic bags while on vacation—and they are not just for snacks.

“Great for snack but also bathing suits, water shoes when you’re packing up to go home,” one commenter wrote.

“They also work great if you need an ice pack for sore muscles or swelling,” a second added.

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“We use them all the time,” another commenter wrote. “I put my wallet in one just in case my pants get wet on an excursion.”

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