Oakland Athletics pitcher Brandon McCarthy brought the heat to stadiums over alleged homophobia being displayed on jumbotrons. 

Oakland Athletics pitcher Brandon McCarthy isn’t puckering up over the casual homophobia being spread on stadiums’ “Kiss Cams” and tweeted his outrage Thursday.

“They put two guys on the ‘Kiss Cam’ tonight. What hilarity!! (by hilarity I mean offensive homophobia). Enough with this stupid trend,” tweeted McCarthy to his 30,000 followers. It was retweeted 120 times and bubbled up a wide-range of opinions from Twitter users.

Many of McCarthy’s followers agreed with his opinion, including Andy Towleroad, a popular gay blogger, who tweeted his thanks for calling out the kiss cam.

“I love our straight allies, and you rock!!” tweeted Brad Willis.

The ballplayer didn’t waver in his stance, either.

Twitter user @speefmoney shot back asking why McCarthy thought it was “offensive homophobia” and the ballplayer responded “well what part of the equation is funny?”

@speefmoney, who didn’t appear to be a troll and wanted to open a dialogue, tweeted back “Meaning your immediate thought is ‘this has to be an attempt to detrimentally effect the gays’ is very cynical.”

“So what? I know that isn’t the intention, but the implication is that two guys kissing is funny. That’s offensive to gay males.” tweeted McCarthy. He went on to tweet that the kiss cam is “cheap shitty comedy.” (The two guys made up in a later tweet.)

McCarthy’s extra innings on Twitter did help him gain multiple new fans, including Chris Saturia and @BolanderKnows. The latter tweeted, “more athletes need to have the security to stand up.”

Photo by Ame Otoko/Flickr

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